Fundamental Things for Muraqabh

as-salaamu alaykum,

May this reach you in great health and imaan,

I heard of the great muraqabah of taking yourself to account for your deeds, muraqabah upon death, muraqabah of Allaah watching us, and Muraqabah if believing yourself to be the lowest of the low, are there any other muraqabaat that we can benefit from?

Jazakallah khayr

وعليكم السلام
Dear Brother in Islaam, these are the fundamental things for Muraqabah which can help you become prosperous in this life and in the file hereafter as well. Besides, one can do the Muraqabah of the Qudrat and the Kibriyai of Allaah. However, the most important thing for Muraqabah is death which swallows all the worldly thoughts and feelings.


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