Different Ulamaa, Different Views

Assalamulaikum Imaam sahab according to question 64 I have also asked a Islamic scholar who has studied 10 years about Islamic things and He told me according to 64 though its not the right way of marriage , but still its valid if the guy and girl accepted one another as a spouse and said the words ‘”I ACCEPT YOU as My Spouse”,believing  Allah as witnesses alone then thats the fard part of marriage that was already valid.  and He said if then talaq happened  then ofcourse after three months of iddat the women has to marry another guy, then have a physical relation with that person then get divorced then remarry the same person again.. Now i’m confused because different scholars are saying different things please help here.. I dont know now  who is right its about life
وعليكم السلام
Dear Sister in Islaam, If you go to different Ulamaa, you will get different opinions as you get from different doctors. Look for a true Alim by using all means and then follow him in every matter.
As regard to the Islamic ruling concerning this issue, it has already been explained to you. It is up to you whether to follow it or act on the other ruling that you likes to help follow your own desire.


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