Walimah without Intercourse

Salaam. I don’t know where to type my question …but my question is after my nikah i didn’t had intercourse with my spouse..so i have cometo know that my valimah is haraam.
cud u plzz explain me is it right ..and to overcome this sin what i have to do…plzzz moulana i am waiting for ur response……plzz .plzzz.plzzz
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
The wisdom behind Walimah is expressing gratitude to Allaah, extending happiness amongst relatives, friends and the poor through a wedding feast and making the formal announcement of the Nikaah in the community.

Walimah is neither Farz nor Wajib. It is Sunnah for the groom to invite relatives, friends and the poor for feast within the next two days after he has spent sometimes with the bride in privacy. The wedding feast organized after two days would not be termed as Walimah. It would be normal a feast according to the Hanfi School of thought.

As regard to your case, if Walimah was performed within the next two days after spending few times with your wife in privacy then the wedding feast would be regard as Walimah. Otherwise, it would be a normal feast and not the Walimah. However, it won’t be termed as Haraam in any case, if moderation is observed in holding it.
والله اعلم


3 thoughts on “Walimah without Intercourse”

  1. i got married 2 years back,although nikkah done 3 years bk..my husband has some psychological problem,he is impotent,revealed it after my marriage.we dont have marrital relations at all..he is not giving me divorce as he has 2 pay alot 2 me den.he is rich,but want me to take khula..i spent 2 years in hope that he will be alrite with treatment..im v upset,my life spoiled..what about my nikkah?is it valid till now?should i wait more in hope that he will be ok or i should ask 4 divorce? give me islamic advise plz.
    If he is impotent and cannot perform then it will be within your right to ask for divorce.If the doctors mention that there is a chance of him being cured then he should go for the treatment to save the marriage.

  2. assalam alikum well i hav faced many interviews nd trying hard to get a job of my profile but im not getting it what shud i do to get a job faster any dua or something.
    wa alaykumus salaam
    Be patient and display sabr and also try and read salaatul haajaat before doing for any interview and make lots of du’aa. Insha ALLAH something will cop up.

  3. salam mufti saheb
    Please help me out of this situation i sent 2 e-mail within 10 days about my married life i dont what to do i had been married for 8 yrs no kids no life settlement with my husband and he doesnt want to study nor he wont let me study and his pay is small we cant go outside and survive so i had to stay with my in- laws and lots of problem . Please is my life going to be same or going to change if i go stay outside and my husband is not an active person he is like irresponsible and useless person.please give me some suggestion to get out of this situation.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    <ake sabr and lots of du'aa that ALLAH changes the conditions.

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