Transformation of Sperm

Assalam o Alaikum,
I and my husband have been trying to have children for five years. after many consults to physicians, they told us that my eggs are of poor quality, and advised me to look for a woman who can donate her eggs to me.
In fact, I am now confronted with two options:
1- to ask an institution that is specialized in finding donors. Here you can either place your name on the waiting list and hope that a donor my present herself, or exchange my husband’s semen (sperm) to get eggs from the wife of an infertile husbnad.
2- there is muslim devorcee woman, a mother of two kids, is willing to donate her eggs to me(Sadaqa).
my question is whether any of these listed options are allowed in Islam, and under which conditions.
finally, is there any small chance (under the islamic law) that I will get the eggs of donor woman in order to have children.
thank you in advance and Jazakallah.
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
1. This is an unnatural way of having a child where the sperm or eggs of an Ajnabi-stranger are transferred into another Ajnabi which is forbidden because of the violation of various Islaamic principles.
2. This procedure involves violating the principles of Hijaab which is an obligation and can not be undermined except in the case of extreme necessity. Having a child is neither Farz or Wajib nor does it fall under the category of extreme necessity.
There is a way to get a child that is adoption. Adopt a child and breastfeed it even a drop of milk so that it would be your foster child. Never involve yourself in something which is Haraam to get something which is nether Farz or Wajeeb nor a necessity.

والله اعلم


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