Three Talaaq and Staying in One House

Assalam o Alaikum;
I was married in 1989. Our first child (son) was born after a year and a daughter was born in another 4 years. Between these two, I discovered that my wife had a totally different personality, behaviour and social life than mine. She started fighting on trivial matters and on many occasions wanted me to divorce her. During above period and in following years she created many situations where she would physically and verbally abuse me and during the heat of arguments asked me to divorce her right away. Though I refrained on many times but on certain occasions I did say the WORD (divorce). We did not have a physical relation for almost 10 years although she lives in my house with children. Please clarify in the light of Islamic law, whether a divorce has occurred or not. If I can recall correctly, I would have said the WORD divorce on at least 7 different occasions over the past 10 years. Thank you and Jazakallah.
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
Dear Brother in Islaam, when your wife does not want to stay with you then why are you forcing her to live with you? Let her live her own life as she wishes. As regard to the case referred to the above-mentioned question, the marital ties have broken completely and you are Ajnabi-stranger to each other. Therefore, it is not allowed for you to stay in one house especially when both are young and free to meet each other.
والله اعلم


6 thoughts on “Three Talaaq and Staying in One House”

  1. ak martaba may ne kaha keh agar may ne chori ki to muj par bivi teen talaq. ab may ne chori kardi hay. may ne serf mangni ki hay shadi nahi to kia may us urat se shadi kar sakta hon?
    Assalaamu alaykum
    Shart jo aap ne rakha ke chori par biwi ko teen talaaq. Agar biwi nahin he tu talaaq kahaan se hogi? Shaadi bilkul jaaiz he.

  2. a women applies for a fasakh, the husbands gets summoned, after explaining to him the situation, he stands up and walks. he then remarks that he is not prepare to challenge her allegations and she must go on with her life. Is this regarded as his consent to her Fasakh. Does the man hve to concede to the wife’s application for a fasakh?
    It seems that the husband is giving his consent by this statement. To make sure ask him to verify intention and it will be regarded as done.

  3. If a husband say mein tum ko talaq deta hoon aur kuch der baad phir rajoo kar lata a to kia yeh talaq count ho gee. Aur phir kuch arsa kay baad dobara aisa he karta hay to kia ye do talaq count ho gee.
    Jihaan do talaaq shumar hogee.

  4. Question :
    if someone say 3 times that main talaq deta hon on a from , husband is living abroad.
    after 7 days he again call that he want to join again.
    if husband donot know that she was having days.
    is talaq happend?
    We will have to establish what he meant by th repetition of the sentence. If there was meant then there is no room for getting back together. Although the talaaq was given in a period where talaaq is makhruh but since given will be valid.

  5. I wanted to write conditional divorce to my wife but in anger not written in future tense .and gave my wife but she didn’t read.
    But she read latter on. My intention was not to divorce but to stop her from the that divorce valid.

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