Ruling on Hurmat-e-Musaharah

i wud like to know about hurmate musaharat in detail. and does the wife become haraam by jst lookin his mother in law with shahwat. if yes den what is the miqdaar of shahwat
السلام عليكم
باسمه تعالى
Sexual relation with a woman, touching her without any barrier, embracing, kissing and looking at her private part with sexual desire will make the Usool-mother, father and so on and Furu’ children and their children and so on of every one Haraam for the other.
As regard to looking at mother-in-law with Shahwat, the wife would not become Haraam because of this looking, according to Hanfi School of thought.
Shahwat is identified by sexual feelings and the erection of private part.
والله اعلم


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