Idol Worship

as salaamu alaykum,

may this reach you in great health and imaan,

I hear that the Nabi salalahu alayhi wa salam said that Shaytan has given up on making muslims worship idols, but that he has the ability to cause muslims to fight.

I was wondering about the meaning of this hadith because arent the people who call upon the saints for aid and worship the graves truely worshipping idols?

<strong>wa alaykumus Salaam</strong>

A very good question. May ALLAH  grabt us the ability to answer it correctly to benefit one and all.
When we speak of “Idol Worship” , what does it entail? Does the issue of calling on the awliyaa and making sujood to their graves (ALLAH forbid from such acts) equate idol worship? Remember for anything to be classified as idol worship there has to  be the belief of some form of equality of the object to ALLAH in either HIS dhaat or sifaat , which equates shirk. We will have to see whether those doing these acts which we term bid’aat have such beliefs that will fall into the category of shirk. Most of those involved ib these misdeeds do not believe that the awliyaa and the occupants are in any way equal or a partner in some of his sifaat. Although the act of making sajdah to anything but ALLAH in itself is something no muslim with sound mind will ever accept and definitely is wrong but again do they do it in an act of worship of the being or not? Most will say it is done out of respect and not worship.Therefore our ulema have deemed these acts as bid’at say yi’aa and wrong. These acts theredore do not qualify as idol worship but rather a lighter form of shirk.


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