Deam of Transparent Figure

Asslamulaikum Mohatarma for your great help on quest 79. As for my dream Sir it was a transparent figure ,not aperson though, more like safayed friendly looking body that appeared in a transparency figure and sat by me and smiled and told me something bout a specific date or time.
وعليكم السلام
Dear Sister in Islaam, give something in charity, remember death all the time and get preparation for it. For nobody knows when and where his/her death will occur.

AASalamulaikum Muhatarma please reply me soon as of questtion-answer 80  I didnt understand your interpretation to my dream, do you mean i was called for death/ Sir to be specific the transparent body was telling me an year ago that the guy I want to marry, he would be back on august 8th that is..yes certain changes did hapen that month  rest dunt remember much
secondly i wanna know are pairs of suitable  marriage alraedy made in Aasman , so does that mean this decision about marraige matter is not in our hands its only in His hands?
lastly an unrelated question but I really need verya ffective duas.  I have abrotherw ith special needs.  He  cannot talk, but progressing like learning words but in a slow process.  It is very hard to get him studying, or teach him , he talks to himself sometimes like walking in circles and humming and he doesnt speak much so he expresses his feelings ometimes in an appropriate way like hitting, kicking dikhayaand trying in many ways but duas most effective plaese aisa koi duwa dey de joh padke he’ll be a normal speaking child  pura bolney lagey n  play nstudy like normal kids ..his only 4 years old he is getting behind in many things.  plaese give ayat numbers written and I’m very grateful to you shukriya.
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
Dear Sister! You were not honest to inform me of the dream and the transparent body when I requested you to explain the transparent thing. However, everybody must get preparation for death before it occurs and none knows when it will happen. Therefore, get ready for it all the time.
As regard to the second part, it is not only marriage that is predestined by Allaah but it is the belief of a Muslim that everything happens as it has been predestined. But a man does not know about it before it takes place and hence he has to make effort.
As regard your brother, ask Allaah for his cure and seek the help of doctor.


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