Explaining Talaaq to Wife

Assalamu Alaikum

A man is reading a book next to his wife, and he comes across the ruling that if a wife tells her husband she divorces him it has no effect. So the man explains this to his wife. He then tells his wife, “If a man was to tell his wife I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you then the marriage is annulled”, or maybe he said:  “If I was to say I divorce, I divorce, I divorce, then you are divorced”, or maybe he said “If I was to say I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you then that counts as a divorce”. He had no intention of divorcing his wife, but was merely explaining the rules of divorce to his wife, does this count as a divorce?

Jazak Allah
وعكيكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
In the case referred to the above-mentioned question, Talaaq will not take place. This is because, the man neither intended divorce nor was he addressing his wife rather he was narrating and explaining the rulings of Talaaq to her.
والله اعلم


4 thoughts on “Explaining Talaaq to Wife

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  1. iv divorced my wife , iv sed to her 3 times.so

    now we went to back together in islam way.what shoul i
    do to marrie her again in islam

    There ic only one way to get back together. She will have to marry someone else and he passes away or divorces her and she spends the iddat and thereafter will she permissible for you.

  2. Asalam o alaikum
    mery husband ne mujhy bohat times kaha hai k meri taraf se tum FARIGH ho.or yeh baat 6yrs ago.n then 4yrs or phir 1 or 2yr pahly b kahi thi.aik time tou yeh b kaha tha k tum AZAAD ho.humain ic mutaliq kuch ilm nahi tha k yeh words b nahi bolna chahiay.yeh ilfaz gussy main kahy gay hain.laikin agar niyat talaq ki hoti tou talaq ka lafz b kah sakty thy.hum abi b saath rah rahy hain.plz aap mujhy detail se btaain k kya hmary nikah per asar para hai or hamain kya karna ho ga.mufti sb aap kis masliq se munsalik hain?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Men hanafi hoon , muqallid hoon aur ulema deoband se hamare ta alluq hai. Jaise aap hi ne bataya ke shohar ki niyyat ka bataa chalna zaroori he. Aap apne shohar se pucchle ke kiya niyyat thi unka.

  3. Talaaq in Quran is explained. if a man divorce his wife and said i divorce (regardless of number of times at one sitting) it counts as one divorce and after three mensturation 2nd divorce will be imply similarly after wards three divorce. Husband and wife is strong relation it cant be broken once a person saying three times and its over.Allah knows human nature so HE bless this relationship. There is nothing mention in QURAN if man say three times i divorce you it become a final verdict. I am not convinced with this way of divorce at all

    1. The quraanic aayah you quoting i have never seen. Is it possible that you can give me some reference!!!!!!!!

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