Advice To Those Who Are Mureeds

Taken from “Bahishti Zewar” By Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi rahimahullah

Make it a duty to follow Rasulillah salalahu alayhi wa salam in everything. In doing so, the heart will be very brightly illuminate.

If anyone does anything contrary to your nature or temperament, exercize patience.

Do not blurt out things in a rush especially when angry.

Don’t ever consider yourself to be perfect.

If you wish to say or utter anthing, think about it first. Once you are convinced that whatever you have to say will not be harmful and that it is necessary or beneficial for this world or the Deen, only then should you utter it.

Don’t even talk ill of an evil person.

If a spiritual guide is overcome by a certain state (or trance) and therefore does something which in your opinion is contrary to the Shariah, then do not censure or criticize him.*

*(This is because there is no benefit in this for you. In fact, at time this is also sinful. You should keep away from such a person because at time being in the company of such a person could prove to be harmful. Nor should you tell him that there is no benefit in what he is doing. you should not act upon what he says, nor should you sit in his company. Keep away from him-do not befriend him, nor should you have enmity towards him.)

Do not have a desire or greed for wealth and honour.

Do not involve yourself in amulets (ta’weez) and charps. Generally, people become encompassed in this. As far as possible, remain in the company of those who engage in the remembrance of Allah Ta’ala. In so doing, your heart will become filled with light, courage, and yearning (to do good).

Do not involve yourself excessively in worldly affairs.

Do not purchase (or collect) unnecessary items.

As far as possible, remain alone. Do not mix with people when there is no need or no benefit in doing so. If you have to meet them, leave immediately. You should be extremely cautious with acquaintances. You should either seek the company of those who engage in the remembrance of Allah or meet with simple people whom you do not know. There is less harm in meeting such people.

If a strange condition overcomes your heart, or you learn something strange, inform your shaykh.

Do not request any specific form of Zikr from your shaykh.

If you experience a certain effect of your zikr, do not mention it to anyone other than your shaykh.

Do not try to defend or justify your actions. Instead, once you have realized your mistake you should admit it.

Have trust in Allah at all times. Present your needs to Him and request Him to keep you steadfast on the Deen.


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