Branches of Iman pt 5

Taken from “Furu-ul-Iman:Branches of Iman” By Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi rahimahullah


Shaikhain have narrated from Hadhrat Anas radiallahu anhu that Rasulullah salalahu alayhi wa salam said:

“Three things are such which if found in somebody, he will taste the sweetness of iman viz:

Allah and His Messenger (Salalahu alayhi wa salam) are dearest to him.
He loves anybody for the sake of Allah and he hates anybody for the sake of Allah.
And Abu Dawood and Tirmizi narrated that to love for Allah and to hate for Allah is from iman.”

Love With Allah And His Messenger (salalahu alayhi wa salam) More Than Every Other Thing

Perhaps someone may get surprised as to how is it possible to have the love of Allah and His Rasul (salalahu alayhi wa salam) more than every other thing and even if it is possible then only three four person in the world must be having it, which in turn means that whole world is without Imaan. Research scholars (of Islam) have answered this question differently, but I say that this wealth (of this grade of Iman) is in the possession of every muslim even those having lowest grade of Iman. Test for it is that if the son or wife etc., of a person [a person usually loves most (apparently his son, wife etc.,] abuses Allah or His Messenger salalahu laayhi wa salam in his presence, he will never tolerate it and will try to take revenge from them with whatever means available to him. If this person was not having love with Allah and His Messenger sallaahu alayhi wa salam of such grade then from where was this effervescence generated and how that love of his beloved (son, wife etc) got weakened or subdued. Thus it became clear that Love of Allah and His Messenger salalahu alayhi wa salam of such grade is found in every muslim. Thanks to Almighty Allah for the same.

Then question remains that why does disobedience of Allah then take place. Its reason is that this love of Allah is settled in the core of the heart and it does not remain always present in mind (goes out of mind though being present in heart). When some stimulus comes, its light (nur) spreads from top to toe. After that stumulus is gone it again remains hidden inside.

Love Should Be Only For Allah

Love for Allah means that there should be no worldly motive or interest and according to Ahle-Zoaq there should not even be the motive of reward (Thawab). Don’t be surprised at this as well. you can understand it through routine dealings, you take a gift to your teaching or your Shaikh, that time your aim is neither nay worldly thing nor any reward but just to please these people. According to me love for Allah with this meaning is eisting (in people) in Plenty, there is nothing surprising in it.

Reverence And Obedience Of Rasulullah salalahu alayhi wa salam

Love of Rasulullah salalahu alayhi wa salam also includes folowwing things viz.,

1. To believe in the reverence of Rasulullah salalahu alayhi wa salam
2. To send Durood Sharief to Rasulullah salalahu alayhi wa salam
3. To follow the path of Rasulullah salalahu alayhi wa salam

Allah Ta’ala says:
“O’ ye who believe! Raise not your voices above the voice of the Prophet(salalahu alayhi wa salam), nor speak aloud to him in talk” (49:2)

In this there is a lesson for reverence. Research scholars said that the same respect is to be given to the sayings of Rasulullah salalahu alayhi wa salam called Hadith i.e., when hadith are being narrated one should keep his voice low.

Allah Ta’ala says:

“And Allah Ta’ala sends blessing on the Prophet! O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on him and salute him with respect.” (33:56)

And Allah Ta’ala says:
“Whatever (Allah’s) messenger gives you, take that and whatever he forbids you, leave that” (59:7)

In this ayat there is commandment for the obedience of Rasulullah salalahu alayhi wa salam. Further Rasulullah salalahu alayhi wa salam said in a Hadith:
Never can any of you attain perfect Iman until your passions become obedient to my order.” (Narrated by Asfahani in Targeeb and Tarheeb)

And Rasulullah salalahu alayhiw a salam said:

“Hold on firmly to my path and the path of Khulafa Raashideen with your teeth and keep your self away from every Innovation (Bid’at) and every innovation is misleading” (Tirmizi)


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