Family Under Black Magic

SalamUleykum MUHATarma,

I Have an urgent situation here plesae kindly help.  My friend, she and her family is under black magic.  Her family has been getting departed, like face business losses, her brother cannot  memorize hifz anymore, they are getting drifted spart from one another, no1s able to study constantly fighting and etc they know they are under black magic and they want to come out of it please if you can say the process because indeed they are religious family , but since her father did asecond marriage there has been a black magic on them.. PLease can you give duas that they can come out of this black magic and no more affect on them , they really want to get out of it and live their lives as a true muslim ummah
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
May Allaah سبحانه وتعالى help out your friend and the whole family from the situation they are in! Dear in Islaam, refraining from sins and complying with the Shariah is the first condition to come out from any difficulties. Therefore, ask your friend to stay away from all types of sins and follow the teachings of Islaam in every sphere of life. Listening to music, for instance hanging picture of living-being, talking to Ghair-Mahram without extreme necessity, taking interest all are amongst the sins which must be avoided. All members of the family must be mindful of Salaah and other Islamic teachings including the recitation of the Glorious Qur’aan every day especially Suratul-Baqarh. Besides, one who can recite with Tajweed should recite the following eight Suraas and blow into water. Everybody of the family must drink this water and when it finishes, it must be refilled and read again. The Suraas are as follows:
1. Yaseen 2. Assaaffaat 3. Al-Dukhaan 4. Al-Ahqaaf  5.Ar-Rahmaan 6. Al-Hashr 7. Al-Mulk 8. Al-Jinn .


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