Better to Follow Hanbali Madhab

Shaikh how should i respond to the following questions

1.its better to follow the hanbali madhhab because he had the most ahadith in his time

2.why follow just the hanafi madhhab because imam abu hanifa didnt have all the ahadith

Assalaamu alaykoem
Brother the etiquette is to greet your fellow muslim first. It develops love and respect as mentioned in the Hadeeth of Rasulullaah Salallahu alayhi wa sallam.
the answer to these statements are as follows:-
1. Imam Ahmad had most ahaadeeth in his time? Is there any proof to this statement? How nice to claim and not bring evidence forward. Very important is to realise that Shariah and fiqh is not only based on Ahaaseeth. Rather it requires knowledge of the 1. quraan  2. ahaadeeth  3. Ijmaa  4. Analogical reasoning (qiyaas)  . Without these four things and the indepth knowledge of each there will be no Fiqh.We know that sayyidina Abu bakr radhiyallahu anhu was the most knowledgeable amongst the sahaabah, yet we only find a handful narrations from him. Also a hadeth may be saheeh yet we see the sahaabah radhiyallahu anhum did not practice on it due to it being mansukh 9abrogated). An example is the hadeeth of mak8ing tatbeeq in ruku. Such is the situation with raf yadain when going into sajdah and between the sajdahs. Having the most ahaadeeth does not qualify one to be the most learned. Although Sayyidina Abu hurairah radhiyallahu anhu was the sahaabi with the most narrations, yet he was not regarded amongst the great fuqahaa of the Sahaabah. This statement only shows the lack of knowledge of Shariah.
In answer to the second question i think the following link will suffice:-


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