No Limitation for Enjoyment

Assalamulaikum mUhatarma I want to know how much a husband has the right to touch his wife; is there any limitation because I’m confused whether a husband and a wife has the right to do anytype of oral sex please , i do not havemuch knowledge about wife-hubby rights so please ifyou can provide me the info; may Allah bless you for helping people.

YaZAzakAllah Khair
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
There is no limitation for the enjoyment as long as the couple observe the limit set by the Shariah. As regard to the oral sex, it is unethical, practice of animal and it may cause mouth cancer which will lead to death, and Islamic Shariah does not permit to commit such a thing that causes one’s death. Therefore, oral sex is not allowed.
والله اعلم

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  1. AOA

    I have a query regarding the Sunni Vs Shia Nikah.

    I am a Muslim (Sunni) and i love a girl who belongs to a Shia family. With the grace of Allah she has now been converted into Sunni. It has not been disclosed by her that she does not follow their beliefs any more due to fear of them. She now totally rely on Qurran and Hadidh. Could you please explain me the difference between the Shia Nikkha and Sunni Nikha as far as their family is concerned. What are the precautionary measure i need to take to get the Nikkha done properly means as per the Islamic principles conveyed by the Mohammad PBUH to all Muslim.

    I only know that there is a Khutba, Small Dua and 3 times acceptance from both sides in the presence of few witnesses. If their family insist that they bring their Alim/ Nikha Khawan and i bring my Nikha Khawn, in such cases what is the implication and solution in Islam.

    Is their Nikkah procedure is acceptabe in our beliefs?

    Waiting for your reply at the earliest.

    Best Regards

    Kashif Mansur
    Wa AlaykumusSalaam

    firstly and formostly the shia are not even muslim. will you feel at ease if a girl who was hindu and for her family sake hides her imaan and they request you that a pandit blesses your nikaah, what would your reaction be???
    Secondly hiding and keeping ones imaan secret is an act of ibaadah (worship) for shias. How do you know she is not lying abiout accepting imaan?
    thirdly, living in a christian majority country i have noticed many marriages between muslim and christian girls who reques the boy that they wish to accept islaam but they want them not to make it known to her parents.Later on, after they got married, they faced the problem that the children suffered as the grabdparents from the mothwer’s side demanded that they be baptised and when they come to visit, that they should adopt the chistian habits. If the matter is not clarified from the beginning then i fear such occurances in your marriage too.
    If she is really accepting islaam and not for the convinience of marrying you, then what stops her from announcing her islaam and imaan?

  2. what kind of a preacher are you?
    how can u call shias non believers.
    a muslim is who beleives in the oneness of allah, belief in his prophet, belief in his malaika and the last day of judjement. follows the teachings of quran and nabi pbuh.
    shias do as u do.
    peolple like u cause wars and terrorism, who guide others wrong. and u call them kufar!!!
    shame on you.
    first go and learn, what islam means. u r not qualified to answer questions.
    you are going to face allah one day be prepared,
    dont lie to yourself.
    may be you are ignorant, u say they are kufar because u dont know. go and learn about ur deen from your own sunni scholars, dont just blindly spread the wrong message.
    Allah yahdeeq, wa yasamhaq.
    do wird of “rabbi zidni ilman”
    To call swine by any other name will not change its reality.The shia ithnaa ashariyyah are kaafir and will remain kuffar until the repent from their filthy aqaaid, declaring all shaabah ridhwaanullaahi alayhim ajmaeen, Calling sayyiditina ayesha rashiyallahu anha a prostitute(ma aathallaah)whose name was cleared by LLAH.May ALLAH grant them hidaayat or if not menat for them destroy them. aameen

  3. My dear friend’ you should follow your sunny schalers only.I request you please do not follow the wrong path of shit ‘for getting the girl you really love.
    Don’t be murtad plz.Allah will give you a very nice wife in the sunny society.

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