Recommended Translations, Books for Reverts

Salamu Alaikum , Shaikh which English Translations/books would you recommend for reverts/new students of ilm ,
Wa alaykumus salaam wa rahmatullaah
Normally we encourage Beginners in knowledge to try and read basic boooks and thereafter go to more complex books on Islam. It would be preferable if books of various topics are bought and daily time set out to read these books. The books we recommend in <em><strong>aqeedah </strong></em>are either aqeedatut tahaawiyyah or aqaaidul islam which are available in our library section. When reading aqeedah tahaawiyyah, we recommend that the individual try and learn all the points by memorizing it. In that way one will strengthen ones aqeedah inshaALLAH. We also recommend that a book on the seerah (biography) of Rasulullaah saaws be read. We also encourage that you get the Behesti zewar for fiqh and learn the masaail from there till a stage where you can learn other books in arabic. For tafsir the most detailed book is the ma’aariful qur’aan which is also available online in the library section. As for Hadeeth i would encourage you to read ma arifus sunan which is available online (library). Also try and get a book on good character like the book aadaabul mu asharaat. These will give alot of enlightenment to the reader concerning islaam and basic knowledge inshaALLAH.


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