Feeling Different Thoughts by Istikharah

Salam mufti sahab I have a question does the answer to istekhra from time to change? PLeAse TEll me about it…

Muhatarma i have done istekhra for my self an year ago and I saw series of dreams which I do not know the meaning of..if you can please interpret them .. as I’ll put them down.. they were all one year ago

1) THis transparency body in white was sitting right beside me and was telling me the guy whom I want to marry would come back to me on august 8th.

2) then couple of days later I saw a dream in three stages : saab mere aas paas bohut khush theh siwaye mein bethi thi ; in sadness in red t-shirt and blue jeans exclaiming in sadness, :Woh kabhie nahi ayega”

second part: me and the guy stepped out from our white car together as amaaried couple and behind us was a girl behind us ; but yuski manzil wohi taq thi ; we walked away from her ; towards our destination and we both kadam ek sath rakkha in a shopping centre then i got lost in a wrong department; bohut mushkil se the guy( my hubby)found me; he seemed tensed and relived he found me ; then on top a guy asks ,”yeh aapke biwi hai”? then in that intense period he got angry and said ,”Nahi biwi nahi sali hai!” and just pulled me away down the escalator. And i was wearing white kurta kameez and he was wearing white shirt and black pants..

third part of this dream was: i was probably in the same kapra in abus with his little sister; and was trying to make sure she was sitting nicely and was in asafe environment; while i was standing.. and waiting to go home; where the guys mom were waiting 4 us to come back…

please tell me what they mean
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
One may feel different thoughts by performing Istikharah from time to time. But one who carries on something after performing Istikharah, one will never regret, Inshaa Allaah.
As regard your dream, all these are your thoughts about the guy. Perform Istikharah in Sunnah way as has been told you and then carry on accordingly. You will never regret Inshaa Allaah.
والله اعلم


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