Dhaahiri not Accepted as Fifth Madhab

Saalamu Alaikum Shaikh , why is the Dhaahiri school not accepted as a fifth Madhhab i heard Imam Ibn Hazm revived this Madhhab but what is the current situation about this madhhab is it still and alive and is it accepted i heard salafis are today dhaahiris is this true.
wa alaykumus salaam warahmatullaah
The dhaahiri Mathhab was not officially recognised because it did not last after the demise of Dawood Adh dhaahiri rahimahullaah. Yes Ibn Hazm tried to bring it back in existance but it died off too. One major issue that existed with the mathhab was their denial of qiyaas being daleel shar’ii. However they follwed usool and had a method of deducing verdicts which the modern day “salafi” do not follow.The dhaahiri mathhab has its masaail recorded and has a fixed fiqh pattern which the so called Salafies refuse to adhere too. Also Ibn hazm rahimahullaah was tafweedhi in aqeedah and allowed ta’weel which the modern day salafies do not accept and call deviance. How can they be called dhaahiris when they deny taqleed???


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