Advice on Avoiding Evil Gaze

as salaamu alaykum,

may this reach you in great health and imaan!

Shaykh could you please give us some advice on how to avoid looking at women that are haram to look at? Especially in this day and age, (especially so in the states) where women wear short shorts, short skirts, and show much of their body and some of us have to talk with them at our jobs (Because they are customers). How do we avoid following our nafs?

jazakallah khayr
wa alaykumus salaam warahmatullaah
This is a very interesting question and by the fadhal of ALLAh and the teachings of our mashaaikh we have experienced and learnt very simple method of avoiding the evil gaze at the opposite sex. There is no command of ALLAH which is beyong our capability Whenever a command is given alhamdulillaah our beloved RABB, ALLAH has made provision for the carrying out of that command.We know well that to save oneself  from the dust paricles of a dust storm we close our eyelids to protect our eyes from damage. Similarly to protect our imaan from damage ALLah has granted us the Shutters and that is our eyelids. All it takes is a bit of courage and closing of the lids .My Shaikh always mentions that whenever one is driving  at night we normally use the brights on the headlamps till we are confronted by an oncoming car then we immediately put on our dims. Why not take lesson from this and dim our gazes when approached by oncoming female traffic? Also When we are in need of contact with the opposite sex there is no need of scrutinizing her from head to toe but rather  look  over her head in such a manner that she thinks you are looking at her and speaking. Also do not be carried away by the statement that the first glimpse is forgiven and think glimpse to mean stare.
The second part of the question needs a lengthy answer and inshaALLAH we will answer it in  an article form.
Jazaakumullaah for posing this essential question. ALLAH reward you.


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