Allegations against Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore

Salamu Alaikum on a Forum called IslamicAwakening they claim the following about Deobandis:

”I know that this happens for a fact in Deobandi circles – In fact Jamia Ashrafia in lahore has a ‘halala’ centre.

This is where a man marries a woman and divorces her (or sometimes does not divorce her, but is fooled into thinking he has).

The deobandi maulvi will then draw up a contract where he (or one of his mates) will marry the woman, for a specified time, then return her to her original husband, sometimes for a fee…

There are horror stories where a woman is passed around several moulvis before she gets to go back to her original husband.”

so what is true about these claims?

Wa alaykumus salaam warahmatullaah
SubhaanALLAH haadhaa buhtaanun adheem.
Allahu Abkar these are the worst form of false allegations levelled against a renowned Institute and very fortunately i was present in a room when these allegations were made by the so called Ahlul Hadeeth of Indo-pak subcontinent claiming and playing a telephonis conversation with a so-called mufti from the Instititute. Firstly there is no mufti by that name in the iftaa section in the Institute . Secondly they said they spoke to the “mufti” after asar and it is well known that none of our Institutes have the office or the darul iftaa open at that time, i.e. after asr all offices closed. Thirdly, it was said that the call was made on a specific day from Saudi arabia and telephone records shows no calls recieved by the Institute that day.Another issue is that they might have spoken to a Shia and blame it on a deobandi because it is onlythe shia that allow temporary marriages and the ahlul hadeeth that allow a man to live in zina by claiming that three talaqs given in one sitting is null and void. These are but old tricks of the ahlul hadeeth of indo-pak to defame the Ulema of Haqq, the Ulema of Deoband. This incident happened about 11/2 years ago and was a big issue on the paltalk Pakistaani section which was duly answered and a response from the institute was given to them which caused the issue to be squashed. It seems they want to force us to expose their beliefs to the masses by qouting from their great scholars like Sanaaullaah amritsari and waheeduz zamaan ( May ALLAH forgive themand show mercy on them) and also their close association to the Ahmadi/qaadiyaani sect.


One thought on “Allegations against Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore”

  1. What a Pathetic Ignorant ! The Mufti resides in Saudi Arabia and the call was made from Saudia to a Saudi number of a Mufti who graduated from Jamia Ashrafia and not someone who is in Jamia Ashrafia now. So fools listen to the telephonic conversation first before your dumb garbage

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