Travelling by Plane in Dream

Assalamulaikum mufti sahab i had a dream  after sunrise it was me and my family in an air plane travelling across an ocean; the water was really blue and on the way i saw an airplane that was sinking in the plane and the palne we were on was about to go down too due to severe storm  but, somehow the ilot manged to land in a different
airport as I woke up I was suffocating after this dream… now itw as after sunrise too; can you tell me what it means please..and i know bad dreams are from shaitaan

aur sir iwant adua for my mom; she stays sick most of the time sometiems migrane, sometimes stomache, and it goe son..can you give aisa koi dua that she has a good health.. (please write ayat or if possible in english;cuz text is very hard to read due to font size)

Wa Alaikumussalm
Dear Sister in Islaam, try to sleep with Wudhoo and comply with Shariah, you will be prosperous Inshaa Allaah.
As regard to your mother, sickness is also a blessing from Allaah because it becomes a cause for wiping up of sins and raising of statues. Therefore, she must meet it with patience, make sincere Taubah and ask Allaah to change it with the blessing of Sihhah-cure. Ask her to read Istighfaar as much as possible along with complying with all the teachings of Islaam.


One thought on “Travelling by Plane in Dream”

  1. name is iram.mene khwab me jis larke kopasand kerti ki ami muje kisi jaga milti hai.larka b sath huta hai.wo bare pyar se muje milti hai.aur muje se mafi mangti hai.k muje se galti hugye….me ne tumhre sath acha nahi kiya.ab unho ne apne bete ki shadi ker di hai.wo kheti hai humkhush nahi hai ab.pachta rahe hai.wo larki achi nhai hai.tum buhat achi hu….is ka kya matlab hai….pls mere emailpe jawab de
    السلام عليكم
    This is your imagination.

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