Tafseer of Sayyid Qutb & Maududi

Salamu Alaikum Shaikh , recently i am studying the Tafseer of Sayyid Qutb and Shaikh Maududi , are these two tafseers ok for studying tafseer , especially the tafseer of Ustadh Sayyid Qutb is very detailled , what is your opinion ,

Wa alaykumus salaam Wa Rahmatullaah
Firstly , concerning syed abul a’la maudoodi , He was not a scholar who studied islam under any renowned Scholars. He was known to be a journalist who privately studied islam and came to many conclusions that are not only wrong but extremely dangerous for the imaan. He has shown disrespect to the sahaabah radhiyallaahu anhum ajma’een in his book khalaafat wa mulookiyat. He has a modernistic approach towards islaam and due to that has made silly statements. To him salaah is a military exercise rather than an act of worship ( tadreeb not ibaadah). He has issues that corrupts aqaaid and therefore we were told to refrain from his works as study material. If ones aqqeedah is solid and he knows deen fairly well then he will be allowed to read it for reference purposes.
As for sayyed qutb’s fi dhilaalil qur’aan, it was written in his earlier days. Therefore we find a slight modernistic approach to it. As a work it is far better than maudoodi’s tafheemul qur’aan and can be used as a study material with slight caution.He was a scholar after all.
Wallaahu a’lam bith thaeaab


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