Names as Nahin, Iqra, Isra

assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu

respected mufti saab

i would like to know how are these names meaningful n can they b given to a child — naahin, iqra and isra

jazakallah khair
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
Islaam has recommended its followers to give a good name to the child because a person will be called by his name and the name of his father on the day of Qiyamah as mentioned in a Hadith recorded by Imam Abu Dawood رحمه الله. The names as Abdullah, Abdur-Rahmaan, Amatullah, the names of Sahabah, Sahabiyaat, Tabiyeen, Tabiyaat, pious and righteous people are regarded as the best names. As regard to the words referred to, the first one ‘Naahin or Naah’ is one of the names of the beloved Nabee ﷺwhich means forbidder of evil and sin and this character is specified for the beloved Nabee ﷺ . The other two words are not suitable for names. Therefore, it is not better to give such names to a child.
والله اعلم

assalam alaikum

regarding question 35 , i have heard that “naahin” is one of the 99 mubarak names of Mohammed(SAW).Could you please clarify this, or is there no such name

i would also like to know that Suratul Taubah is not to be bugun with “Bismillah” so what if one has stopped somewhere in between the surah, how must he commence again the recital of ths surah… always tilawat-e-quran is commenced by reading bismillah

وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
I was confused because of the spelling. Generally when stop is made on a letter which got two Zammah, two Kasrah or any other Harakaat then the letter is made Jazm as Muhammad and not Muhammadun. However, Naah is one of the names of the beloved Nabee  ﷺwhich means forbidder of evil and sin and this character is specified for the beloved Nabee ﷺ . Therefore, it is not better to give such name to a child.

As for the second question, Suratuttaubah is not to be begun with Simillah when the recitation is continued from the previous Surah. But if the recitation is commenced from Suratuttaubah or from any Aayah of the Surah then both Ta’awz and Tasmiyah should be recited as done in normal recitation.
والله اعلم


One thought on “Names as Nahin, Iqra, Isra”

  1. Salam o alikum,

    how r u? i just want to know there any reason about name of IQRA

    i means to say that there any reason we can’t chose name IQRA for our females because i come hereby that the name have meaned “STUDY” what kind of study..?

    is this name … Heavy

    means u understand

    waiting 4 ur reply….
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    The names which express the servility and submission of oneself to Allaah Almighty are amongst the best names such as Abdullah, Amatullah and other similar names. Likewise, the names of prophets, companions (Sahabah & Sahabiat) and righteous people are considered as good names. The names that carry good meanings are also amongst the good names provided that they are not amongst the names of disbelievers. The Nabee of Allaah ﷺnamed his grandsons Hasan and Husain. He also named a son of an Ansari companion as Munzir.

    The word ‘Iqra’ is an Amr-imperative verb which means to command someone to read or study and hence it is not worthy of being given as name to any child.
    والله اعلم

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