One Third of Night

as-salaamu alaykum,

May this reach you in great health and Imaan,

Mawlana could you please let me know according to the madhab of the anhaf, When is the correct time of ONE THIRD of the Night that (Allah Descends to the Lowest heaven), so I know when to pray the Tahajud

Also with regards to Tahajud if one doesnt know much quran could one pray two rakahs with Surah al-fil and ikhlas and another two rakahs with surah ‘alam nashra laka sadrak’ and ikhlas in second rakah, and another two rakah with surah al asr and ikhlas and another two rakah with ‘Tabat yada abeelahabu wa tab’ and ikhlas etc.?

jazakallah khayr

wa alaykumussalaam

Concerning the time of tahajjud, it is mentioned that once esha salaah is complete then the time of taghajjud commences. However in the ahaadeeth virtue of the last third of the night is regarded the special time when Allah’s Rahmah descends to the first heaven and an announcement is made -” is there any that needs forgiveness so that I forgive him , is there any person in search of sustainance so that I can provide for him…” This is calculated by dividing the night span (time from maghrib  till Subh sadiq) into three and checking the last portion. However IF A PERSON CANNOT AWAKEN AT THAT TIME THEN HE SHOULD TRY AND READ IT AFTER THE PERFORMANCE OF HIS ESHA TO BE REGARDED AMONGST THE MUTAHAJJIDEEN.
As far as qiraat is concerned in salaah. ALLAH TA’AALA mentions ” Faqra’oo maa tayas sara minal qur’aan” read that which is easy (for you 0 from the qur’aan. Therefore as long as you keep the sequence in mind (which is preferable in salaah) you may read that which you want, even the repetition of a surah over and over.
And ALLAH knows best.


5 thoughts on “One Third of Night”

  1. Which day in the last ten days of ramadhan is laylatul-qadr? What time supplication can be made to seek Allah’s forgiveness on the night of honour and dignity (laylatul-qadr)
    No night is specified but we have been encourageto seek it in the odd nights of the lst ten nights.(bukhari) For this reason we have the i’tikaat to seek out this great and auspicious night.It may be found in any of these nights.However Makroty have taken the opinion that most probably it will occur on the 27 night with the possibility that it will take place on another night. Therefore the best is to make effort in all the odd nights of the last ten days .

  2. ASSALAAMU ALAYKUM What particular time is one third of the night in relation to western time? God bless
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The method of calculating it is simple. Take the hours from sunset to sunrise and divide it by three.

  3. ASSALAAMU ALAYKUM My question is not much, an islamic scholar in my province said to his followers to form a prayer gathering with him in an open air. He said, when about to come to the gathering, they should come with their dresses turned in-out, i.e pullin out the inner out and outer in. He also said it would be taking place from 12am to 5am when subr comes in. Both men and women attending. Please, i want you to explain elaborately because he said, Prophet Mohammed had done likewise in his lifetime. Is it sunnatic for both male and female muslims to form a prayer gathering(Tajudh) in the still hours of the night in an either enclosed or open hall?
    Wa Alaykumus Salaam
    The performamce of Tahajud salaah with jamaah is not from the sunnah. It is an act of bid’ah. Also the procedure mentioned is for that of salaatul istisqaah (salaah for rain.) During drought that does not seem to end , then people gather on the outskirts of town bring with them their animals as well and perform salah for the removal of the drought and also the act of turning ones shawl inside out is the act of the imaam. Wha tyou mention does not fit that discription and therefore should be regarded as a bid’ah.

  4. AS’ALAMU ALAIKUM= i want you to guide me through a mistake made during ishai prayer. normally, ishai salat is composed of four rakats as mandated. so, out of awareness i forgetfully observed three rakats instead. then, few days later. a man who was behind me in the mosque, also percieved the mistake i made. he was not fortunate to explain this or to remind me on time owing to few days journey he embarked. so, he told me this after he returned from journey. now, how do i pay the debt? need i haue to neglect it or what should be the thing to be done to correct the error?
    wa alaykumus salaam
    All to be done is to repeat the salaah. You read four rakaats of qadhaa salaah for the correction of an error which nullifies the salaah.

  5. Asa’alamu Alaikun ,i want to know the ruling on mag-rib prayer,is long surra [verse] allowed to be recited?please i ll appreciate your quick response.
    wa alaykumus Salaam
    Readong of long surahs is permissible but contrary to the verdict of the fuqahaa. In yhadeeth there is mention of long surahs being read but some of the sahaabah mentioned it to be portions of the long surahs only. Not in total recital the long surahs.

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