Lost in Dream

SAlam,  MUfti Sahab canyou please interpret this dream of kuch khaas yaad nahi hai baas itnahi  mein rikshaw  mein jarahithi aur mujhey meri  raasta yaad nahi thi –>like how to get thereto humney  rikshawala ko bola.. “go to a place named ELLESEMEre ; on the way i will show u the way cuz dunt remember specifically the name..”

phir risksha wala ney uttar diya phir there was darwajein..n hallway n i kept on going until  mujhey ek maulana nazar aya ..n the maulana smiled–may have said salam cant remember (ek dari wala safayed jabba mein) mujhe lagee khwab mehi yehan mein sadqa dein sakungee..aisahi kuch n then i reaized i entered a pink masjid where people were going to offer salaat n dekhkey bohut sakoon mili.

Thanks, please interpret this..
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
Comply with Shariah and maintain your ties of kinship. Allaah will take you out from the situation you are in.
والله اعلم

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