Turn to Allah for EVERYTHING


Taken from “Discourses On Islamic Way of Life” By Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani (hafidullah) [Darul-Ishaat]


Turn To Allah Before Doing Anything

My mentor, Mawlana Doctor Abdul Hayy rahimahullah used to say, “If anyone turns to Allah before doing anything then Allah surely helps him because he does not realize what he has achieved in the moment he turned to Allah. He has linked himself to Allah in that moment and has asked for goodness from Him and the right path. This means that he gets the straight path and the reward for establishing a link with Allah and yet another reward for making a supplication to Him. Allah loves the slave who turns to him at such times and He rewards him generously for that. Therefore, man should make it a habit to turn to Allah for there are unnumerable times every day when he has to make  a decision. If he turns to Allah every now and then and asks for guidance from Him then He will surely Help.

Make A Supplication Before He Replied to Anyone

Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi rahimahullah used to say that he never stayed behind in turning to Allah when anyone visited him and wished to ask a question. He turned to Allah not knowing what sort of a question the visitor would ask. “O Allah! Let me give this man the correct answer to this question.” He never failed to turn to Allah. This is what it is to have a relationship with Allah. We must also make the same habit.

Mawlana Doctor Abdul Hayy rahimahullah used to say, “Talk to Allah, seek His Help in every matter. Ask him to guide you. Make it a habit and soon your relationship with Him will be strengthened. Then, you will always have Him in mind. “He used to say that we will not do what the sufis used to do in times passed but if you act on my advice then you will establish a relatipnship with Allah.

May Allah help us to act on whatever we have read. Aameen!


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