Be Grateful even in Hardship


Taken from “Discourses On Islamic Way of Life” By Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani (hafidullah) [Darul-Ishaat]


A Strange Supplication of Haji Imdadullah rahimahullah


When he was delivering this sermon, a handicap man arrived in the assembly. The unfortunate man was afflicted with a number of maladies. He appelaed to the honourable Mawlana to pray to Allah to relieve him of his affliction. Mawlana Thanawi rahimahullah who was one of those who were listening to the sermon said that they were all surprised that while Haji Imdadullah rahimahullah had spoken about the blessings of afflictioin this man asked him for his affliction to be removed. “If the mentor prays for the removal of his hardship, it would be tantamount to be asking for removal of blessings.” But, th ementor raised his hands in prayer and made this supplication, “O Allah! These hardships and afflictions are truely blessings, but, O Allah, we are weak, look at our weakness and change this blessing of hardship into a blessing of health!”

Recall Blessing When In Difficulty

  It is the nature of man that when he is in difficulty, he forgets the bounties he enjoys. For instance, if he has a stomach-ache, he will complain loudly about it but will not be grateful for the blessings he enjoys for he has no difficulty with his eyes, his hears, his tongue, his teeth, nay the entire body. He has only a stomach ache. He will surely pray for the pain to be removed but he should remember to praise and thank Allah before making the suplpication, “O Allah! You have granted me innumerable blessings, I am thankful to You for that. And, O Allah, there is this pain now, I beg of you to remove it.”

 Gratitude For Favours

My respected father, Mawlana Mufti Muhammad Shafi rahimahullah had a teacher, Miam asghar Husayn rahimahullah. He was a born wali (friend of Allah, a man of Allah). He was a very marvelous religious man. My respected father recalled an incident about him. “He was taken ill once, and had a fever. I paid him a sick-visit and found him burning with high temperature. He was restless because of the high fever. I greeted him and asked how he was. He replied, ‘Praise be to Allah! My eyes are sound, my ears can hear well, my tongue is faultless.” And he recounted all things that were sound in him. He said that he only had fever adn asked me to pray that Allah cure him of fever.” This is how a grateful slave of Allah remembers His favours even in difficulty and because of this attitude the pain mitigates.

Thankfulness For Blessings Received

 Hence, the Prophet’s salalahu alayhi wa salam advice that we must praise and glorify Allah before we make our supplication means that we must recall His blessings on us that we continue to enjoy and we must thank Him for those.


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