women working , speaking to opposite sex, etc

Assalamuleykum WA Rahmatullahe wa Barakatullah
i have four questions if i may ask, insha allah

1.when can a non mahram man talk to a woman and vice versa, under what conditions?

2.my wife wears the basic hijab, with her face being shown. the imam at the masjid is of the opinion that her hands and face can indeed be shown. is this correct, or should she start wearing something like a niqab?

3.is it permissable for a man to knit, or would that be imitating the opposite sex? i have taken an itnerest in knitting and think it is ok but want to make sure.

4.can my wife go to work, seeing as it is necessary due to income reasons?
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
1. In case of necessity, a Ghair-Mahram can talk to a woman and vice-versa on condition that the conversation must not exceed the need, it should be from behind a screen and woman’s voice must not be soft.
2. She must observe full Hijaab including covering her face.
3. Knitting basically belongs to woman and man feels shame to carry out such arts which are specific for the opposite gender. However, if it becomes profession for both man and woman then there is nothing wrong to engage oneself in it and it will not be regarded as imitating the opposite sex.
4. If there is extreme necessity then she may go to work provided that the complete Hijaab must be observed and there must not be any type of mingling with opposite sex


i would like to ask what is meant by “behind a screen” when we talk to a woman. does this mean there would have to be some wall between us? or, is the niqab sufficient? for example, i have heard that as long as a woman is covered up with full hijab, that can be considered a screen.
و عليكم السلام
“Behind a screen” means behind a curtain and full Hijaab is enough for this purpose.


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