Swordfighting Which techniques to learn?

Assalaam alaykum, my respected Mufti.
As from an interest point of view, I am looking for information on the type of sword training or technics our Prophet and the Sahabah used , can you advise me on Hadith references or books on this matter. your brother in Islam.
Wa alaykumus salaam warahmatullaahi

As for the question posed , i hope i will be able to give you a satisfactory answer with the grace and mercy of Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aala. It is a known fact that the Sahaabah were experts in the arts of warfare as was used those days. In fact there are riwaayaat of them having competitions daily after the asr salaah in archery , sword and Lance play. Each area were renoune for their skills. The slaves from habashaa would show their skills in the lance play, Therefore the art and style was according to the methods of the various areas. The real sunnah lies in preparation rather than the style of preparation.
In the holy Qur’aan, Allah Tabaaraka Wa Ta’aala commands the muslimeen in surah Anfaal [

Prepare against them whatever force you can, and the trained horses whereby you frighten Allah’s enemy and your own enemy and others besides them whom you do not know. Allah knows them. Whatever thing you spend in the way of Allah, it will be paid to you in full, and you shall not be wronged.”

therefore any form of defensive art will be permissible as long as we do not indulge in giving respect to any being or individual which is not allowed in Shari’ah.

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