deoband and tassawuf

asalaamu alaikum

alhumdullillah, i am a revert to islam. i have chosen to follow the salafiyyah(wahabiyyah) scholars, but lately have been reading up from scholars from the deoband.

i have seen that deobandis can be either ashari or mautiridi. not only that, but i have heard that the deobandi follow 4 different sufi orders.

to me, it seems like division within the religion, with the different sufi orders. the prophet(sawS) clearly warned against different sects and such.

however, i know i am wrong.. because i know how pious scholars from the deoband are, and i know that they would not clearly go against the sunnah.

so can you explain to me how having these different sufi orders is not division?

wa salaam
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
Differences of opinion and ideology is natural and not forbidden in Islaam if within the limit set by the Shariah. That is the reason that the Nabee of Allaah informed of different sets to arise and that all will be doomed to Jahannam except the one which follows the footsteps of the Nabee and the Sahabah.

As regard to Sufism, a Sufi is a spiritual doctor and the prescription of doctors differs from one another because of the differences of places and people. Similarly there are differences in the methods of these four Sufees because of the different environments. Therefore, these differences are not against the nature of Shariah rather these were the need of hours.
والله اعل


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