Is it permissible for a non syed to marry a syed?


sir is it permissible for a non syed to marry a syed ..i’m a muslim girl but non-syed but i like some one who is a Syed it against Islam for marriage then?
و عليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
Ulama are of the opinion that family lineage will be applied only to Arabs. All non-Arabs are Kufu (compatible) to each other. Since, the family lineage of non-Arab is not saved. Among Arabs, a non-Quraishi male is not a match (Kufu) for a Quraishi woman, nor can any person of non-Arab descent be a match for a woman of Arab descent. However, if non-Arabs feel dishonour of family to marry a woman other than their own casts, the family lineage will also be considered in compatibility with other aspects. Since, Kafaat (special compatibility) is considered to get rid of humiliation. And respect and shame are based on Urf (practice of society). (Raddul-Muhtaar Ala Ad-Durril-Mukhtaar 2:344). Therefore, if the man is ready, you can get married to him with the consent of your guardian.
For detail on this issue, see the below link:
مع السلامة


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