dream interpretation?

Assalamulaikum mufti sahab I had done istekhara for myself and I would like to get my dream interpreted as it goes this way ;

“mainey Istekhara kiya tha woh istarha naffil parke sirf saazdein mein mainey 100 martaba Ya Alimu parha aur yusmey joh mujhey chahiye wohi poocha, it was regarding marrying aguy. khwab #1 Aur mera faal ayi : bohut unsure thi to go with the imaams result ya mine to jaise mainey is tarikesey kiya mainey dekha woh ladka mujhsey bohut naraz hain (woh ek safayed shirt main, black pants me, main bhi safayed ke nasdeeq ki color main) to woh larka jarah tha, main yusse roukh ney gayi.. raasta bohut lambi thi.. i had to run to to reach him, raasta khatam hi ho nahi rahi thi phir jaab main gate ke bahir gayi yunka gari baas main start leker jarah tha (gari bhi khwab main safayed thi) mujhey gari ke bareymey utna yaad nahi hain but mainey sense kiya koi safayed gari mour lerahan tha joh yunka tha n i couldnt reach him, baas khwab yehan pehi aand hoti hain… phir dusrey din mainey istekharra nahi ki thi per shayad koi zikhar karkey soyi mainey phirsey yehi dekha: khwab #2 ke ek gari mere samnesey phirse miss hogaye, main yusmai uth nahi payi .. yuskey baad wohi larka ka maa aur baap atey hain meri gharmain kyonki meri mahendi ki rasam ya aisahi koi rasam horahi thi yunkey betey ke sath iss khwabmein main greern colour main thi , mera skin colour bhi aur bright lagrahithi aur woh bhi safayed kurta main tha , bohut logonka vheer tha aur meri haaton mei mahendi daley jarahey theh.. phir rasam ki baad mainey bohuthi khubsurat ghar dekha garimein bethey jiskey bareymei main soch rahithi ki nikaah ke baad yehi ghar main meri shohar ke sath rahungee .. to main thodi confused hu kyunki jahan taak gari miss hoti hain aur yeh bhagna phir yeh milaan.. donu khwab main connection hain per mujhey meaning samaj nahi arahi aur ismey colours bhi mainey aapko bataya aur in donu khwab main hi ek haqikat jaissi koi feeling thi..

now I don’t know whether to wait for the guy or move on.. based on the dream..
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
Dear Sister in Islaam, the way you performed Istikhaarah is against the Sunnah method. The Sunnah way is to perform before sleeping two Rakaat Salaah and them read the Du’aa of Istikhaarah sincerely and thereafter sleep with Wudhoo facing the Qiblaah. Thereafter whatever decision prevails in your heart when you get up in the morning, regard it beneficial. If you do not get such feeling in one time, perform the same till you get such feeling. After seventh time, you will get that feeling, Inshaa Allaah.

It should be noticed that it is not necessary to see any dream or someone telling something concerning the thing one making Istikhaarah.

As regard your dream, it indicates that the body is good and you love him too much. However, make sincere Taubah and perform Istikhaarah again as per the Sunnah way.
والله اعلم

Assalamulaikum respected Imaams,

as of num 10 you told metodo istekhara correctly the sunnah way so i have done it and here are the results:I have been also doing istekhara and recently the first day isaw I”m getting maried ( the dream was very hazy) ; yuskey baad waqein mere liye mere friend ne yuskey cousin ke liye rishtaa layee but i said no –>( Its some other person, than the one i have subscribed above on num 10 and here ) next day i saw two baby boys born who were my brothers and the third day meiney istekhara nahi ki but i still saw i was sitting outside on a bench , besides a pink coloured masjid.. can you please inter pret these 3 dreams seperately, individually and tell me what it means and how is it really related to istekhara ..cause duringmy prayer i have asked , about the guy that i want to marry..should i wait for him or move on..? What does this indicate? PLease jaldi jawab dijiyega shukriya
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
As per the interpretation of your dreams, you will get rid of your worries, get very soon married to a good guy. As regard to waiting for the referred guy, if after performing Istikhaarah, you feel you should wait for the guy then wait. Inshaa Alllah, Khair will be there.
والله اعلم

Salam mUFTI SAHAB according to question 20 , sir i have also seen another dream that I was drivig awhite car , and stopped in aroad where i didnt know what was ahead orc ouldnt go ahead , whatd oes this mean?
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
Turn towards Allaah, make sincere Taubah and comply with the Shariah.
مع السلامة


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