pronunciation of dhaud and usage of someone else’s property without permission!!

assalam alaikum

how is the “dhaud” sound in tajweed to be produced……is it just plainly prononuced as dhaud or should the tip of the tounge touch the back teeth or the front teeth

we have rented our house and we do not charge them for the water supply….however they pay for the electricity… is it fine if we use their water(hot water from the geyser) without informing them just in case when our geyser is nt working.
باسمه تعالى
ض is pronounced when the upturned sides of the tongue touches the gums of the upper back teeth-premolars and molars. This letter and the others can only be pronounced correctly when one practices under the guidance of a skilled teacher.

As regard to the second question, If the usage of geyser and other household goods are not considered included in rental contract then it is not permitted to use geyser and any other stuff without owner’s permission.
والله اعلم


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