How to develop “Noor”?

Assalamulaikum Scholars i know the more one stays in Allah’s path themore nooranithey become ..however curious is thereany specific supplication to be noorani in terms of everything ..face, deeds etc

and am just wondering do you also interpret dreams on this website
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
It is basically righteous deed which brings light to the heart and brightness to the face. Therefore, the more one adheres to the Shariah the more one appears Noorani. However, there is one Du’aa (I forgot to mention it earlier) which should be read when one goes to perform Fajr Salaah. The Du’aa is as follows:
“اللهم اجعل في قلبي نورا و في لساني نورا و عن يميني نورا و عن شمالي نورا و خلفي نورا و اجعل لي نورا و في عصبي نورا و في لحمي نورا و في دمي نورا و في شعري نورا و في بشري نورا و في لساني نورا و اجعل في نفسي نورا و اعظم لي نورا و اجعلني نورا و اجعل من فوقي نورا و من تحتي نورا اللهم اعطني نورا”
As regard to the interpretation of dreams, we may help you in this regard.
مع السلامة

Shukriya for num 20 , but the arabic text is very little , therefore hard to read and I know in english it is hard to translate therefore I would just ask you to give me which surat the ayat is from. Shukriya Meherbani.
السلام عليكم
The Du’aa is not from the Qur’aan, it is from the Hadith. The transliteration is as follows:
“Allaahummaja’l Fee Qalbee Nooraa Wa Fee Lisanee Nooraa Wa fee Basaree Nooraa Wa Fee Sam’ee Nooraa Wa ‘An Yaminee Nooraa Wa ‘An Shimaalee Nooraa Wa Khalfee Nooraa Waja’l Lee Nooraa Wa Fee ‘Asabee Nooraa Wa fee Lahmee Nooraa Wa Fee Damee Nooraa Wa Fee Sha’ree Nooraa Wa Fee Basharee Nooraa Wa Fee Lisanee Nooraa Waja’l Fee Nafsee Nooraa Wa A’zim Lee Nooraa Waja’l Nee Nooraa Waja’l Min Fawqee Nooraa Wa Min Tahtee Nooraa Allaahumma A’tinee Nooraa”

Hope you can pronounce it properly.
مع السلامة


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