Hijab Is it compulsory??

Assalamoalaykum ww.
Dear respected Molana i pray all of you are in the best health. Women and hijab.My understanding of Purdah is for women to cover up from head to toe wit a loose fitting outer garment so that men cant make out womens figure therfore no attraction is there for men to look.i also understand that men should keep there gaze down and to not look at women but nowadays the problem is that womens hijab are so fashionable with different coulours, splits in the middle so others can see there jeans and other clothing they have on underneath and appealing designs. Coulours so bright on the head scarf worn under the niqab that could be noticed from a distance because it is the most outstanding thing in your view. IS THIS PURDAH LAWFUL/UNLAWFUL? also on some niqabs the eyes area is open is this LAWFUL/UNLAWFUL? i understand some people say to me that the women are doing there best so just let them get on whith it but the problem is they are sending the wrong message out.please advice. jazakallah.
السلام عليكم
باسمه تعالى
It is the reality and we have to inform our sisters and mothers about the real concept of Hijab and the consequence of showing off and Israaf.
مع السلامة

ASSALAMOALAYKUM Dear Respected Ulama
jazakallah for your reply no29 but your reply does not answer the question at all.There are 2 questions asked by me can you please answer the questions again or email me the answers asap.jazakallahh for your time and i pray ALLAH give you the best place in Jannah.ameen
question no 30 is also by me can you please email me the answer to that too.jzk.
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
To answer to your question is there if you read it thoroughly. However, there is no specific dress for women in Islamic Shariah. She can wear any dress if the following conditions are met:
1) The dress must conceal the whole body in such a way that the figure and the shape of body should not appear.
2) The dress must not bear any resemblance to male’s dress
3) The dress must not bear imitation of the dress of Fujjaar and Fussaaq.
4) The dress must not cause pride in the heart
5) The dress must not lead to extravagant
The Niqaab you referred to fails to conceal the figure of the body and it leads to extravagant as well. Therefore, this type of Niqaab is not permitted to wear.
As regard to the opening of eyes, a woman is permitted to open her eyes to see the way.
و الله اعلم

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