A sister;s dilemma and the misuse of pseudo-aamils

my situation is very urgent mufti sahabif u can reply asap ..couple of years ago i went to visit my back home country .. over there a met a relative, he was A HAFEZ -E-QURAN who started to tell me that by writing on a paper , something in arabic withmy name as soon as he closed it ,and re opened it he saw that i had apast with some guy, and i was really scared of that guy at that point because i met him for the first time andi i usually don”t talk to any guy..then i asked him how does heknow and that Islam dosnt allow any1 to koow past and even if it did who are you to look at my past..he was like it’’s my duty toinform u.. i was like ok…i felt really scared mufti sahab and i ended up admitting yes i do like a guy and i was even more scared if someone finds out and if this gy does something wrong between us or anything like that to… ia sked him how can i get the guy and he was like its along route..and u wont be happy with him i got more scared then am like ok tell me please… thenhis like ok come.. then he wrote something in arabic in apaper and fold it like cheerkut phir he rubbed it on my breasts and i couldnt move, mera hath paire thand hogayee thi am like what are you doing.. and he was like paap ko paap sehi mita te hai .. then he told me to open my shalwar pants to take the white liquid from there because , the guy left that liquid with me.. and i said no i dunt want u doing it then i went out of the room and and a crush of thoughts hit me this guy is not doing something write and i just came back to handhim the paper.. after that i lost appetite, i lost trus in people .and jaab bhi woh insan mere khwab mein aye mere life mein koi bura hota hai n mujhe har baqat dar lagti rehti hai ke kabhie me back home jao yeh naa ho ke he takes badla on my family and me because i did tell his mother-in-law that he had done something bad but didnt say what though ..
after this i told my family and the guy himself who’s name was involved as the “past” because, that hafez said i wasnt gonna be hapy with this guy..etc..

Allah ke paas lakh lakh shukar hai yus tarha bura kuch hua nahi per joh kuch bhi hua mein nahi chahti aggey life mei koi problem ho meri aur na family ko .. to please kya bata sakte hai kuch..kyunki its very mysterious ..the admi just hypnotized me aur mein kuch keh naa saki aur naa mujhe pata ke Islam allow ssuch things as he said paap se paap mitana, finding out pastas and etc… and i dont want any problems associated with this with this…please reply soon
باسمه تعالى
May Allaah keep you happy and take you out from the situation you are in! The relative you are talking of is an Aamil who does Amaliyaat through the help of Jinn. He can do anything even Shirk to please the Jinn and lead you to Shirk as well. Therefore, never even think of visiting him. Otherwise, he will make you bankrupt and anxiety and difficulties will become the part of your life. Do sincere Tawbah for the sins you committed, put your trust in Allaah alone and abide by the Shariah completely. Read Istighfaar as much as you can and ask Allaah to take you out from the situation you are in and show the right path. Surely! Allaah listens to those who call Him alone. Read everyday 100 times “لا اله الا انت سبحانك اني كنت من الظالمين” and 21 times “رب انى مسنى الضر و انت ارحم الرحمين” Inshaa Allaah you will get rid of that guy.
و الله اعلم

Assalamulaikum, thanks for helping me for number 39 may Allah bless you and help you to help more more of us.. The duas you gave me Imaam sahab are very little in text if you can tell me in English it would be really easiy for me to recite.. and for how long do I recite it till ..any specific days..like 41 ?

and top of that I do want to say I don’t want to see that relative ever , just that that is my fuppi’s son-in-law and he stays with them so by any chance if I go visit my fuppu it may be a problem ..so you suggest I shouldn’t go to that house at all? And can I let my parents know this ? Lastly, the guy who was involved in the story ..whom this relative involved in the kahani ..is it still okay for me to marry him ..yes he too knows about this incident and definitely whom ever I marry whether him or not..don’t want to take him even near to that relative.. and I hope my family will be safe ..because though i may not go to that house; but father will since that is his sister’s house..
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
It is difficult to write Qur’anic Aayaat in other languages because of pronunciation problem. However, the first Aayaat is known as Aayaate Karimah that is “Laa Ilaah Illaa Anta Subhanaka Innee Kuntu Minazzawlimeen”. The second “Aayaat is Rabbi Annee Massaniazzurru Wa Anta Arhamurrahimeen”. Read these Du’aas and the other Masnoon Du’aas and make these Du’aass part of your daily norms.
As regard to the Nikaah of that person, you and your family are well aware of him. So make Mashwarah with your parents and carry on accordingly.
مع السلامة

Assalamulaikum mufti Sahab first, I would like to thank you for helping me for number 28 about the amiliyat issue.. Mufti sahab I have a major problem when that guy was doing his misdeeds..he had said literally ,”you wont be happy with the guy you love ever” and since then that guy who I like and I have been having hard time in our relationship..we are never happy so am wondering is there any way to find out if somehow that guy did black magic on us or something because GOd forbid if he had I wanna get out of this and just pray to Allah to keep us all safe..n stay in Allah’s path..

so if you can help me with this..
وعليكم السلام
Don’t worry about it and read whatever I told you earlier. Everything will come right, Inshaa Allaah. Morever, recite Surah Faatihah seven times and Aayatul Kursee one time and then blow on water. Drink that water and when it finishes refill the water and recite again.
مع السلامة

Assalamuleykum Maulana Sahab I just wante dto reconfirm about num. 36 do i read surah fatiha n ayatul qursi blow on water and drink..is that just for one day or regular norm wise?
وعليكم السلام
Keep it on till you get out of the situation.
مع السلامة

also Mufti sahab according to question 19 that matter.. I also wanted to tell you that my mother thinks either that guy(who is my Fuppu’s son-inlaw) or someone in my dad’s family has done something to my father and my brother because ..my father gets really angry at us sometimes for no reason, when his in a good mood despite how much his siblings has hurt him and my brother on the other hand is 4 yrs old ..before we went to our country to visit he used to talk a bit but since we came after the visit he hardly talks ..he understands everything but he wouldn’t talk and since we live in canada theres no way we can find some onelike a maulana or mufti who can tell us if any black magic has been done on my family ..Mufti sahab is there anyway to find out if they had done something to myfather and brother and if so any dua to get my family out of knott

plaese help I ‘ll remain grateful to you Shukriya
Allah Hafez
السلام عليكم
As I explained to you under question 15 what to do to get out of the situation. So recite Surah Faatihah seven times, Aayatul Kursee one time, four Qul (Kafiroon, Qulhu-Allaah, Falaq and Naas) ten times and blow on water. Let every member of the family drink it. When water finishes refill the water and recite again. Inshaa Allaah, whole family will feel better.
مع السلامة


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