The ruling on dogs and keeping them on reverting to islam and also about some old habits

Asalaamu Alaikum

I apologize about asking so many questions. I am however contemplating converting, and want to practice the religion to my best ability. Being an average American, there are many things that will be very hard for me to give up(such as mingling with the opposite sex, listening to music, eating pork, riba, and so forth.)

Insha allah, Allah will make things easy for me. One problem that has been keeping me worried is the ruling on dogs. It is narrated that Muhammad(saws)said that angels will not enter a home with a dog, and unless using a dog for hunting, one qirat of reward will be lost each day. the problem for me is that I have several dogs. They all live inside and are smaller breeds. I can not just take them to the dog shelter and drop them off, or give them away! So what should I do? And if I decide to leave the dog inside just until I can get things figured out, will the Angels that record my deeds not enter my home either?
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
A Muslim is one who submits his will to the will of Allaah and His messenger. The Nabee of Allaah ﷺis reported to have said, “None of you can be a true believer until his desire becomes in conformity with what I have brought”. He is also reported to have said, “None of you is a believer till I am dearer to him than his child, his father and the whole of mankind”.
Therefore, submit your will to the will of Allah and His messenger as to become amongst the true believers.
As regard to the angles mentioned in the above-Hadith refer to the angels of mercy and not to the angles of recording.
والله اعلم


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