Secular Rulers in muslim lands

Salamu Alaikum , what is the Islamic Verdict
on Secular Presidents that (claim to be muslim)but they rule by Secular Laws , examples: Egypt : Mubarak , Pakistan : Musharraf , Libya : Gadafi.

(an offshoot of the Salafi(Madkhali) sect claims that these people are ”Muslim” Rulers and that they are Faasiq

so now was my Question what is the ruling on such a president/ruler according to the Hanafi/Deobandi Ulema or other Madhhab opinions.

وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
There is no doubt that these are Muslim countries, but neither the constitutions are Islamic nor the rulers. People have doubt if so called-Muslim rulers are Muslims or others in disguise of Muslims.
مع السلامة


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