Is breathing meditation permissible?

as-salaamu alaykum,

May this reach you in great health and imaan,

Concerning deep breathing meditation: Is it permissible to sit and exercize your breath? According to studies it is a very healthy practice. Though some people can criticize it stating that it has a buddhist and hindu origin, but wouldnt it be fine since it is a simple exercize just like jogging etc? I have heard it is really good for the brain waves and brings other benefits such as longevity.

باسمه تعالى
There is no particular form of Zikr. It can be performed in any form provided that the form is not specific for any other religion and one does intend to emulate the people of other religion. Therefore, nothing wrong if one sits facing the Qiblah,if possible, closes his eyes and performs Zikr in a way that when he breathes in, he imagines that the word Allaah penetrates the depths of his heart and when he breathes out, the word ‘HU’ strikes the heart.
والله اعلم

as salaamu alaykum,

may this reach you in great health and imaan,

Not too long ago I was advised to make the meditation of breathing in saying Allaah and exhaling saying hu (contemplating Hu striking against my heart) I am finding this to be a great practice, I was wondering if you could please write a short article on this beautiful meditation.

jazakallah khayr


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