Ibn al-Qayyem’s (rahimahullah) Propositions Concerning Man

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

Alhamdulilah Allahumma sali ala sayidna muhammad wa ala ali sayidna muhammad

 Men and the Universe-Reflection of Ibn al-Qayyem (rahimahullah) by Capt Anas abdul hameed al-qoz Translated into english by Dr. Abdul-Latif al-Khaiat  (Darussalam)

Ibn al-Qayyem’s (rahimahullah) Propositions concerning Man

 1. That he was first created from clay, and that his seed was made from a draught of despised fluid.

 2. That he was created from a handful that Allah collected from al parts of the earth, so that it contains the good and the evil, the easy-going and the inteolerant, the liberal and the miserly. It was Jibreel (Gabriel) (alayhi salam) who took this handful, then ti was fermented until it turned to mud, then Allah fashioned man as He deemed fit. Then he breathed into him of His spirit, so that he was a human of flesh and blood, talking and reasoning..Later on Allah had His Angels (alayhum salam) prostrate themselves before man, and taught him the names of everything.

 3. That he was blessed with intellect, knowledge, understanding, eloquence and speech.

 4. That he was privileged with the quality of modesty.

 5. That he was privileged with two means of expression, the oral and the written.

 6. That he was endowed by Allah with the power of acquiring knowledge by several means.

 7. That he was distinguished with certain motives and impulses that serve to accomplish what is good for man.

 8. That man was distinguished with strength, desire and will.

 9. That Allah’s commandments are to be permanently observed until the day man meets His Lord.

 10. That man was not created without purpose.

 11. That man is distinguished from the other creatures in appearance and shape.

 12. That man is an indivisible whole: composite of soul, mind and body.


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