Unlawful Dhikr

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

Alhamdulilah Allahumma sali ala sayidna muhammad wa ala ali sayidna muhammad wa sallim

Taken from ‘Sunnah way of the Sufis’ by Imam Harith al-Muhasibi rahimahullah (Researched and explained by Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah rahimahullah.) Translated by Mahomed Mahomedy (Zam Zam Publishers)

The Danger of Engaging in the Remembrance of Allah (subhannahu wa ta ala) in an unlawful way

  There is one more thing which I feel that attention should be drawn towards. This is something that is widespread in many of the assemblies of dhikr in our times. That is, they say Allah,Allah, Allah… and they repeat this in this manner. This name of Allah (subhannahu wa ta ala) is understood in the beginning. They then accelerate their pace in saying this name- it thereby becomes joined to eachother. They then say it so fast that one word becomes included in the next together with some of the letters becomming cut off. The grand name of Allah (subhannahu wa ta ala) thus becomes an incomprehensible and unintelligible sound which is repeated by the mouth with great speed- nothin gis understood of it. This form of dhikr is prohibited. We seek refuge in Allah (Subhannahu wa ta ala) from those who engage in such forms of remembrance of Allah (subhannahu wa ta ala).

  A Poetic description of Genuine Sufism

Imam Abu Abdillah ibn at-Tubi as-Siqilli rahimahullah says in a poem:

“Tasawwuf does not entail wearing woolen [course] clothing which you patch. Nor does it entail your crying when singers start singing. Nor does it entail shouting, dancing and music. Nor does it entail pretending to have fainted as though you have become mad. Rather, tasawwuf entails your becoming pure without any filth. That you follow the truth, The Qur’an and the Din. That you forever seen to be fearful of Allah, remorseful and aggrieved by your sins.”



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