Spending ones soul for Allah

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

Alhamdulilah Allahumma sali ala sayidna muhammad wa ala ali sayidna muhammad

Taken from Sunnah way of the Sufis by Imam al-Muhasibi rahimahullah researched and explained by Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah rahimahullah translated by Mahomed Mahomedy (Zam Zam publishers)

Abu al-Wafa ibn Aqil (rahimahullah) supplicates to spend his soul for Allah (Subhannahu wa ta ala)

  It is said with regard to Imam Abu al-Wafa’ ibn ‘Aqil al-Hambali rahimahullah that he was from among the senior ‘ulama’ and among the most intelligent. he says: “You should not consider it too immense to spend your soul for the sake of Allah (subhannahu wa ta ala) for it is the same soul which you spent yesterday in your love for a singing woman and your desire for a young boy! It is that very woman you thought about in your journeys so that you may get more of this world. yet when ti comes to the obedience of Allah (subhannahu wa ta ala), you find it too immense to spend and you consider its price to be too expensive! By Allah, spending the soul is not appealing except for he who, when he destroys, he replaces. When he replaced, he benefits. When he benefits, his benefit remains forever till eternity. And that-by Allah- is what is so appealing about spending the souls, and clearing the heads. Isn’t it Allah who says:

“Do not consider those who were slain in the path of Allah as dead. Instead, they are alive, eating and drinking by their Sustainer. Rejoicing over that which Allah gave them through His favour. They rejoice on behalf of those who have not yet joined them from behind them, because there is neither any for on them, nor do they have any grief. They rejoice at the bounty and favour of Allah and over the fact that Allah does not destroy the wage of the believers.” (Surah Al’Imran, 3:196-171) (Ibn Rajab rahimahullah: Dhayl Thabaqat al-Hanabilah, vol.1, p.155)

  The Tabi’i Qatadah rahimahullah said: “Allah made a price with them. by Allah, He made a very expensive price.” Al-Hasan al-Basri rahimahullah said: “he gave them souls which He created, and wealth which He gave to them. He then purchased all this from them. Glory be to Him.” An-Nasafi rahimahullah said: “A Bedouin passed by the Messenger of Allah (salalahu alayhi wa salam) while the latter was reciting this verse. [On hearing it, the Bedouin said]: ‘By Allah, this is a very profitable transaction. We will not cancel this transaction nor will we ask for it to be cancelled.’ He then went out into battle and was martyred.” (An-Nasafi rahimahullah: Tafsir an-Nasafi, vol.2,p.255)



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