The Status of Dreams

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

Alhamdulilah allahumma sali ala muhammad wa ala ali muhammad wa sallim

Taken from Discourses on Islamic Way of Life by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani hafidullah

The Status of Dreams

  Hazrat Muhammad bin Sireen rahimahullah alayh has been one of the most dignified Tabi’een (followers of the Companions radiallahu anhum). He was considered as Imam in the art of interpreting the meaning of dreams. There is no equal in this field among the entire Muslim Ummah. He had been endowed by Allah with an outstanding faculty for the interpretation of dreams. Many wonderful feats are related about him in this field. A very small and meaningful sentence from him about interpreting dreams is worth remembering. he rahimahullah alayh said: This means: Dream is a phenomenon which should be pleasing but it should not throw anyone into deception.

  If a man has a true dream, he should not be tempted to think that he has become a very accomplished saint, so as to become, in turn, unmindful of the duties to be discharged during his waking hours.

Hazrat Thanawi rahimahullah alayh and interpretations of Dreams

  Many persons visited Hazrat Thanawi rahimahullah alayh to inquire of him the interpretation of their dreams. In reply Hazrat Thanawi rahimahullah alayh generally recited this Person couplet:

“I am neither the night nor the worshipping of the night that I should tell things about dreams. I am the slave of the sun (the holy prophet salalahu alayih wa salam) and can speak only about the sun. If a man has a true dream with some glad tidings he should be grateful to Allah, because he may possibly get the blessing of the dream. One should, however, not take dreams as a criterion for superiority and saintliness.”

Hazrat Mufti Sahib rahimahullah alayh and Mubash-Shirat (That brings glad tidings)

  There are many persons who used to have dreams about my respected father rahimahullah alayh. They used to intimate their dreams in writing. My respected father rahimahullah alayh had all these dreams recorded in a register. On the first page of this register he had himself written in his own handwriting the following paragraph.

  “In this register I am recording those dreams which the righteous servants of Allah have seen about me. I am recording them because they contain glad tidings and good omen. May Allah correct me by virtue of these dreams. I am, however, warning all readers that they are not a criterion for superiority and righteousness. No decision should be taken about me on the basis of these dreams. The real criterion is the acts and dealings of man during his waking hours. Men should not fall into deception on account of these dreams.

  The intention from recording this was to save people from falling into deception. This is the reality of dreams. When a man has a happy dream, he should thank Allah and to pray to him to turn the dream into reality and favour to him. He should have no misunderstanding about the dream either in his own favour or in the favour of any other person. This is all that a dream really means. There are two or three more ahadith concerning dreams which people are not aware. It is useful to study these ahadith also.


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