Al-Qurtubi(rahimahullah) rejects prohibited forms of remembrance

Al-Qurtubi(rahimahullah) rejects prohibited forms of remembrance:

The great Sufi and commentator of the Qur’an, al-Qurtubi, writes in his commentary to this verse:

 “The true believers are such that when Allah is mentioned, their hearts tremble. And when His verses are recited to them, it increases their iman and they place their trust in their Sustainer.”(Surah al-Anfal, 8:2)

He writes: “In this verse, Allah (Subhannahu wa ta ala) describes the believers as having fear and dread at His remembrance. This is because of the strength of their iman, their cognisance of their Sustainer, and because it is as though they are right in front of Him.”

“There is another verse similar to this:

“Give glad tidings to those who are humble-those whose hearts tremble whenever Allah is mentioned.”(Surah al-Hajj, 22:34-35)

“And Allah (Subhannahu wa ta ala says:

“Their hearts experiance tranquility with the remembrance of Allah.”(Surah ar-Rad, 13:28)

“All this is dependent on total recognition [of Allah subhannahu wa ta ala] and reliance of the heart. As for the meaning of “the hearts trembling”, this refers to fearing the punishment of Allah (subhannahu wa ta ala). There is therefore no contradiction between this [trembling and experiencing of tranquility.”

“In fact, Allah (subhannahu wa ta ala) conveys both these meanings in the following verse:

“Allah revealed the best speech, a book, in unison with itself and oft-repeated. [Whereat] the hairs stand on the end of the skins of those who fear their Sustainer. Thereafter, their skins and hearts soften to the remembrance of Allah.”(Surah az-Zumar, 39:23)

“The hearts softening refers to the fact that they experience tranquillity in their conviction in Allah (subhannahu wa ta ala) even though they may fear Allah (subhannahu wa ta ala).”

“So this is the condition of those who have fully recognized Allah (subhannahu wa ta a ala), who fear His power and unishment. Not like what the ignorant masses and the insignificant innovators do: screaming, shouting, and braying like donkeys. So it is said to the person who does this and who thinks that this is an ecstasy of love and a form of humliity: You have not reached the condition of Rasulullah (salalahu walayhi wa salam) nor that of the Sahabah (radiallahu anhum) in their recognition of Allah (subhannahu wa ta ala), fearing Him, honouring His greatness and grandeur. Despite this, their condition at the time of admonishment was such that they would understand whatever Allah (subhannahu wa ta ala). said to them and they would cry out of the fear of Allah (subhannahu wa ta ala). It is for this reason that Allah (subhannahu wa ta ala) described the conditions of those who have recognized Him,  that when they hear Him mentioned and when they hear His book being recited, then:

“When they hear that which was revealed to the Messenger(salalahu alayhi wa salam), you see their eyes overflowing with tears because they have recognized the truth. They say: ‘O ourSustainer! We have believed. Include us, then, with those who accept.”(Surah al-Ma’idah, 5:83)

“So this is a descripton of their condition and a quotation of their statement. As for those who are not like that, they are not on their way nor on their path. So if anyone wants to follow anyone, he should follow those [as described in this verse]. As for he who is influenced by the conditions of the madmen and insane people, his condition is worst of all. And madness comes in various forms.”

 “Imam Muslim (rahimahullah) narrates on the authority of Anas ibn malik (Radiallahu anhu) that some people asked some questions to the Prophet (salalahu alayhi wasalam) to the extent that they asked too many questions. So one day he appeared, climbed the pulpit and said: ‘Ask me. Whatever you ask me, I will explain to you as long as I am standing in this place of mine.’ When the people heard this, they held back and they feared that something serious was about to happen. Anas (radiallahu anhu) says: ‘So I began looking right and left. Every person had wrapped his head with his garment and was crying!'”

  “Imam Tirmidhi rahmatullahi ‘alayh relates on the authority of ‘Irbad ibn Sariyah radiallahu anhu who said: “Rasulullah delivered a very eloquent lecture to us. The eyes shed tears and the hearts trembled from hearing it…” In this Hadith, he did not say: ‘we began shouting, we began dancing, that we began stamping the ground with our feet, or that we stood up.”(Al-Qurtubi(rahimahullah): al-Jami’ li Ahkam al-Qur’an, vol. 7, p.365)

From the Sunnah Way of the Sufis of Imam Harith al-Muhasibi(rahimahullah) Researched and explained by Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah(rahimahullah) Translated by Mahomed Mahomedy(Zam Zam Publishers)


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