Wird for pimples, marriage and hair loss

assalam alaikum

i would like to know if there are any quranic verses to treat pimples and hair fall

باسمه تعالى
Read seven times the following Du’aa and blow on soil in such a manner that little saliva comes out and then past the soil on the pimples.
بسم الله, تربة ارضنا, بريقة بعضنا ويشفي سقيمنا, باذن ربنا.
“Bismillah, Turbatu Arzinaa, Bireeqati Ba’zinaa Wa Yashfee Saqeemanaa, Bi Izni Rabbinaa”

Read seven times Durood Shareef before and after and then recite the following Ayaat seven time and blow on the head in such a way that some droplets of saliva come out. Do it 21 or 40 days. Inshaa Allaah you will get recovery.

وننزل من القران ما هو شفاء ورحمة للمؤمنين.
والله اعل

the cure you have said for pimples, is it fine if we do it on creams or is soil necessary ?

jazakallah khair
باسمه تعالى
Though cream is ok, Better use soil.

I’m a girl who crossed 20 and i’m getting many proposala. bu ti wish to marry a pious, loving , man with taqwa and who holds onto sunnah,. Is there any dua to b e read to get married soon
باسمه تعالى
Keep on reading the following Du’aa especially after every Fardh Namaaz in an odd number:
“فسهل يا الهي كل صعب بحرمة سيد الابرار, سهل”
(Fasahhil yaa ilaahi kulla sa’bim bihurmati sayyedil abrari, sahhil)
والله اعل


i am in love with a girl since 5 yrs.her parents r ready for the marriage n my mother is also ready….but i want my mother to speak abt this to my father….but she hs been ignoring this issue since 10mnths……i would like to know if there is any wazifah that i can read so that my mother speaks to my father n he 2 agrees after listening all this.i love her alot n i want to marry only her.she has also done istikhara for me n alhamdulillah the response was very positive.please kindly help me on this
باسمه تعالى
Read two Rakaat of Salatul Hajah and then make Du’aa with Ikhlaas-sincerity. Read the following Aayah after every Farz Namaaz:

“ربنا هب لنا من ازواجنا و ذريتنا قرة اعين واجعلنا للمتقين اماما”
والله اعل

* Also sum up courage to speak to your father about it or request one of his close friends to do it on your behalf.


وعليكم السلام
It is advisable for you to be content with the blessing Allaah سبحانه وتعالى has bestowed on you and express gratitude to Him for it. There are lots of women who are deprived of the blessing of hair. Thikn of them and be thankful to Allaah for granting you long hair.
مع السلامة

Salam respected MUFti sahab, according to num 19 iundrestood what you said but  am asking s there any specific dua to lengethen hair , because my hair is short.
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
Read seven times Durood Shareef before and after and then recite the following Ayaat seven time and blow on the hands in such a way that some droplets of saliva come out. Thereafter, pass the hands over the whole head. The Aayah is as follows: “وننزل من القران ما هو شفاء ورحمة للمؤمنين”. (Suratul Israa 17:82)
والله اعلم


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  1. assalam walikum..i have lots of black marks and pimples so pleace tell ,e the duaa for curing.
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    See a specialist and read the same Du’aa which is mentioned under Wird for pimples, marriage and hair loss with same procedure.
    والله اعلم

  2. assalam walikum..my brother is 17 years old..in nowdays he dont go to prayer..in childhood he was regular..sp plz tell sum dua for him..
    allah hafiz..
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    When he is not performing Salaah, where can he read the Du’aa??? Inform him of the virtues of Salaah and the consequence of not performing this important pillar of Islaam.
    Islaam has laid great emphasizes on performing Salaah at their prescribed times and warned against delaying them from the times or not performing at all. It is narrated on the authority of Jabir (رضي الله عنه) that the Nabee of Allaah ﷺhad said, “Between a man and disbelief and paganism is the abandonment of Salaah.” (Saheeh Muslim, Kitaabul-Imaan) The Nabee of ﷺ is also reported to have said, “That which differentiates us from the disbelievers and hypocrites is our performance of Salaah. He who abandons it, becomes a disbeliever.” (Tirmizee)
    Ulamaa are of the opinion that the injunction of Kurf mentioned in these Ahadith is for the one who believes leaving Salaah is permissible whereas the one who leaves Salaah because of laziness is not a Kafir. But there are Ulamaa who view that if such a person does not repent then he should be subjected to Hadd-death punishment. Other Ulamaa opine that such a person should be subjected to corporal punishment till he begins performing Salaah. However, these Ahadith make it clear that leaving Salaah without any valid reason is an act of Kufr and there is no difference between a person who leaves Salaah and the one who disbelieves. How severe is not to perform Salaah!
    Send him occasionally to the company of Ulamaa and the pious servants of Allaah so that he can benefit from their advices and begin work towards his life hereafter.
    والله اعلم

  3. as salaamualikum wa rehmatulahi wa barakatuh i’m getting married within 5-6 months i want to know if there is any dua to lighten the complexion i’m having dusky colour

    hope for your early reply
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Outward brightness is not permanent and hence to try to lighten inward which will make you more beloved to your would be husband and other people.

  4. as salaamualikum wa rehmatulai wa barakatuh thanks for your kind reply, i want to dua that will brighten my emaan n my conscience


  5. as salaamualikum wa rehmatulai wa barakatuh, i’m hafeza of 18 paras and i could not continue futher as i was suffering from health problems now i have forgot some of my paras please suggest me some way so that i can revise quran and learn at home as my parents will not send me again to madarsa as i may again suffer from health problem

    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Dear Sister in Islaam, May Allaah grant you good health and Imaan and Barakah in your good intention! Memorise everyday with full consideration one page or whatever you can manage as Sabaq and do the revision of previous Sabaq with every new Sabaq. Make the Dawr-revision of the Paraz you have memorized especially the ones you started forgetting at least once in a week. It is recommended to stay away from sins, recite Suratul-Muddassir and make Du’aa for the Hifz of the Glorious Qur’aan and read “العليم”as much as you can. Inshaa Allaah, these words will help you remorise the Glorious Qur’aan in an easy way.
    والله اعلم

  6. as salamualikum wa rehmatulahi wa barakatuh , i want to know that whether we can read hair growing dua during our periods as that contains quran ayat
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    During menstruation, a woman is not permitted to recite the Glorious Qur’aan, but she can read the Aayaat of Du’aas with the intention of Du’aa . Therefore, you are permitted to Du’aa for growing hair during the period.
    والله اعلم

  7. as salamualikum wa rehmatulahi wa barakatuh , thank you for your kind reply i want to know that can i read glorious quran during periods or i cannot read it

    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    A woman during her period can read Wazifah, Durood Shareef, Masnoon Du’aas and Quraanic Du’aas with the intention of Du’aas. What is prohibited for her at that time is performing Salaah, Sawm, Tawaaf, entering Masjid, reading, writing or touching Qur’aanic Aayaah and having sexual relation.
    والله اعلم

  8. as salamualikum wa rehmatulahi wa barakatuh, i want to know that why meher is given to girls ?what is the importance of meher and how much should a girl ask meher from her husband? and also that is there something wrong to ask meher how much to i want ?

    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Contrary to the spending for fornication, Allaah has commended to seek lawful women with the help of wealth and hence Meher is given as compensation for the enjoyment and benefit which has been derived from girls as Allaah says, “All others are lawful, provided you seek them (with a dowry) from your property, desiring chastity, not fornication. So with those among them whom you have enjoyed, give them their required due”. (Suratun-Nisaa 04:24)

    Therefore, Meher is the right of woman and it can not be less than 10 Dirhams which is around 2 Tulah 7.5 Mashah. There is no limit to the maximum amount. A woman can demand as much as she wishes. But it is not good to stipulate a very high figure. However if a person gives an amount less than 10 Dirhams or its equivalent, he will have to pay the balance as well because Meher cannot be less than the 10 Dirhams, according to the Hanafi School of thought. It is narrated on the authority of Seyyidina Jabir رضى الله عنهthat the Nabee of Allaahﷺ said, “Meher should not be less than ten Dirhams”. (Nasbur-Raayah Li Ahadithil-Hidayah, Babul Meher) It has also been reported that Seyyidinaa Ali رضى الله عنهdisliked the Meher being less than ten Dirhams. (Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaibah)
    والله اعلم

  9. as salamualikum wa rehmatulahi wa barakatuh

    I have suddenly lost hair over the ast few years and would like to know the dua for hair regrowth. Please reply/copy to my mail id
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Dear Brother in Islaam, see the specialist and recite the following Aayaah seven times with Durood Shareef seven times before and after, blow into oil or medication in a manner that some droplets of saliva come out and then apply the same on the head.
    “وننزل من القران ما هو شفاء ورحمة للمؤمنين”. (Suratul Israa 17:82)
    والله اعلم

    1. i would like to tht the aayat u have said to recite does it has to be recited the full aayat bcz u have just given here d hald of the aayat..
      thank you

  10. asalam o alikym.

    I have liked someone for 4 yrs and he also likes me alot. My mom agrees to our marriage but his mother doesnt agree with it. And shes an impossible person to convince and sometimes she says things to him that he gets unsure about making an official committment with me. so please if you can tell me a dua in which his mother starts liking me and brings my marriage proposal soon.
    Wa alaykumus salaam.
    Firstly in such an issue i would advise both you to make istikhaara before commitment. InshaALLAH by making istikhaara and following the answer will be beneficial.
    However by asking me a wazeefa to make someone like you, is this not asking in a way to make sihr/jadoo on someone? Using any wazeefa where the individual benefits and someone else is harmed or influenced is nothing less then sihr/jadoo. ALLAH save us from such actions.

    1. Asalam O alikym, thank you for the reply but as u advised me to do Istikhaara i had already done it as well as the guy. And it told us that it would be good. Thats why we wanted to get married.The guy wants to marry me and he has told his mother and she said she will bring my marriage proposal but she’s just taking her time and i just wanted to read a dua that would speed up the process. Is that also sihdr/jadoo?
      Wa alaykumus Salaam
      Madam may i ask you a question? Dp you think you can change taqdeer?Does not all matters lie in the control of ALLAH? Will du aa to ALLAH not surfice for our desires. ALLAH MENTIONS IN THE QUR AAN ,-
      { وَمَكَرُواْ وَمَكَرَ ٱللَّهُ وَٱللَّهُ خَيْرُ ٱلْمَاكِرِينَ }

      Therefore decisions lies in he “hands” of ALLAH. As for the issue of sihr/ jadoo you entioned she does not like you and you want her to like you. If another boy does that to you unknowingly, what will you call it?

  11. Asalam O alikym,
    Thanks again for the reply. As for ur question if I think I can change taqdeer? No I cant but duas can change alot. Otherwise no one would make dua after namaaz to have their wishes fulfilled if nothing could change with duas. When you make duas Allah does listen and he fullfill the ones he feels are right. And Quran verses are very powerful and within them are cures to all our problems but every surah has a different affect and different cure. And I only needed your help in knowing the right Quranic verse so it would help me fullfill my wish with ofcourse doing nothing against my Allah and with no shir/jadoo involved. I know jadoo is completely against Islam and I m totally against it. Sorry if I didnt use the correct words in stating my question.
    Jazaakumullaah for trying to clear the issue.My ALLAH reward you.
    However i wish to also clarify my answer to you. what is meant when we claim to be muslim?
    Wht the need of belief in qadr and predestination if there were such wazaaif that we can have things happen to our will and fancies?Islam refers to submission to ALLAH and without the belief in qadr we cannot claim to be muslim.
    Also doing something to influence someone to like or accept you against their wishes is not permissible. Therefore i mentioned the issue of sihr and jaadoo. If there was the opposite scenario wher someone tries to influence you in this matter against your will, what would your opinion be/
    My intentions are not to belittle you in any way but rather to advise you and guide you to be more understanding of issues that are linked to aqeedah and beliefs.

  12. as salamualikum wa rehmatulahi wa barakatuh
    i want to know a dua from which i can lose my weight. Jazakallah
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    I am not aware of any such du’aa or qazefa/ However if one makes a habit of reading about the life after death and the narrations about it inshaALLAH you will se loss of weight.

  13. Salamu Alakyum
    I tried the dua for getting rid of pimples( Durood Shareef before and after, reciting Surat-Ikhlas, and blowing saliva and dabbing it on face). Please tell me if i’m doing anything wrong, and I have been very patient in waiting for results. Inshallah, Allah will help me to eradicate these blemishes/
    Salamu Alakyum

    Read seven times the following Du’aa and blow on soil in such a manner that little saliva comes out and then past the soil on the pimples.
    بسم الله, تربة ارضنا, بريقة بعضنا ويشفي سقيمنا, باذن ربنا.
    “Bismillah, Turbatu Arzinaa, Bireeqati Ba’zinaa Wa Yashfee Saqeemanaa, Bi Izni Rabbinaa”

    Read seven times Durood Shareef before and after and then recite the following Ayaat seven time and blow on the head in such a way that some droplets of saliva come out. Do it 21 or 40 days. Inshaa Allaah you will get recovery.

  14. assalamu alaikum i am very skinny girl so i want to put on some weight. please let me know if there is any wazifah for it.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Take some vitamin tablets to give you a better appetite.

  15. Asak, i m a married my husband is a very good person he is very generous and loving but his brother is misusing him financially and they are doing a business together which i m against it and in the future also he wants to construct a house wheere he can live with his family together, but what i want is i want to live seperately from my in-laws no matter lets keep the relationship but i want to live far away from them but my husband is not listening to me pls suggest me some dua for convincing my husband
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If you wish that he changes then make duaa to ALLAH directly after performance to two rakaats of nafl salaah in the early hours of the morning. (tahajjud).

  16. Salam Walakom,
    Please let me know which dua or Surrah to receite and how many times to get the fairer comlextion, i am weathish in colour, i am thankfull to Allaaha for everthing.he is sublime .
    Wa alaykumus Salam
    My personal advise to you is to adorn the niqaab and your complexion will naturally become fairer.

  17. Assalamulaikum warahmathula

    I have been reading the responses here n i have a similar proble like one of my muslim sister abt hair fall i would like to know if we have to say a specific duroor shareeef and i would like to know what u meant by reciting them before and after. please reply

    jazak allah
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    This answer was given by mufti shihab who is on a long vacation. However i think he means reading the durood three times before the aayat and three tines after the aayat.

  18. Assalamulaikum warahmathula

    The dua you have given for hair fall
    “وننزل من القران ما هو شفاء ورحمة للمؤمنين”. (Suratul Israa 17:82)
    والله اعلم

    It doesn’t seem like the whole verse of verse 82. It is only part of the worse you need to read? Beacuase the arabic letters are a bit small. And the last verse “والله اعلم” is it also part of verse 82?
    wa Alaykumus Salaam
    It is not the whole part of the aayah. The other which is ALLAHHU a’lam is not required to be read, it merely means ALLAH KNOWS BEST.
    As per word of advise is that basic treatment be done as well and coupled with the wazeefah insha ALLAH a difference will become visible. Also dont expect miracles and results overnight. Five it time.

  19. asak
    sir i want to know the corrrect procedure for pimples u gave
    wht type of soil?
    is it neccesary to use only soil and why so??
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    I do not know the method mentioned as it was given by mufti shihab who has left our services. rather take the du’aa and blow on your finger after placing a bit of saliva on it and then put it into a creme used for pimples and apply. The reason for soil is based on the hadeeth that we were told to do so for boils and sores/wounds.

  20. assalmualikum
    thank you so much 4 your reply.
    i have started doing the procedure which mufti sahib has given for hair and as well as for pimples.
    inshaAllah i will be cured.
    please pray for me and all muslim bro and sis in ur prayers..Allah hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If there is any improvement please inform us. Jazaakumullaah

  21. Assalamualaikum Mufti Sahab,

    I came across a girl who i like I proposed her for marriage, she said I will give a reply after doing Isteqara. she got positive reply and she said yes to me and also informed her mother before saying yes to me. After saying yes to me i spoke to her mother and said her i want to marry your daughter and i need time because financially im not in a position to. then i said my parents about it. my mother at first liked her but later on she started disliking her, my mother .. unhe kuch wehem aur kuch galat fehmi hai ladki ko lekar which i did my best to clear it and 8 mahine hone bad meri mother thore theek hue ladki ko lekar. dad kehte hain k he cannot go to the girsls house and talk to their parents for rishta because dad ki retirement hojaegi and meri family ki responsibility mujh par rahegi phir i also have 2 younger sisters who are in school. bohot manaya apne parents ko k Allah taala hai hamare sath k koi mushkil paish nahi ayegi. I trust Allah so much and MashAllah pray 5 times and so does the girl.
    i later on spoke to her father also for the rishta and said uncle i need some time as my dad’s work conditions are not good and either the company will close down or he wil be retired as he is nearing the age limit to work. recently 1 week ago i decided i will do isteqara myself to find if i see any problems in the future if i ever get married to the girl.(my father kept on sayin you and the girl will have problems, buut i always said when Allah taala is there to look after us we wont have any problems, i want to follow right path and pray Allah always and need my parents prayers and my would be wife’s support,care and love here after so i wil b always happy and sh will also be happy.
    I did isteqara for that girl and I did not see any dreams but 2nd day my heart was satisfied for her, i still kept on doing isteqara and on 5th or 6th night aslo i got a satisfying feeling.

    Also, i would like to know from you some other duaz so that it help me n the girl in our manzil and ease every problems n it can also help in making my parents agree soon for the girl without thinking too much that there might be problems or tensions as they want first everything to become ok and then go to girl house taking rishta.

    Her parents have given me a deadline of few more days. they have given me enough time so that i can bring my parents to their house to talk about our rishta to get done.

    i always pray namaz e haajaat with the dua mentioned to recite after performing 2 rakat nafil namaz,,, , i also keeping reciting the dua.. (rabbana hablana min azwajina.. this dua), after every farz namaz i keep reciting after every namaz (la ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minaz zaalimeen, nasrum minnAllahi wa fathun qareeb, ya fattahu ka width, & surah nasr i recite after evry farz namaz 7 times) and do long duaz and also in my words i ask Allah taala for my marriage with her.

    waiting for your response early mufti sahab.
    Jazak Allah.
    wa alaykumus salaam
    Firstly i am sorry for a late reply but as i have mentioned time and again on my website i totally find it wrong to give any wird to influence another’s thinking. Therefore i cannot help you. You are reading certain wird then why look for more? The only advise i have to offer is that one read salaatul haajaat and thereafter make sincere du’aa and re approach your father and ask him to go and fix the issue for you.

  22. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

    Assalamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

    sir me waana ask that what type of soil we can use on face ,as u have recomended or whether we can use multani mitti for that purpose?
    n i have read another Dua jo k is dua sy bhot ziada resemble kati ha i m little bit confused which one is ok
    as i knew is that
    “‘Bismillahi turbatu ardina bariqati ba’dina li yushfa saqimuna bi idhni rabbina’

    and jo ap ne mention ke ha wo thori c different ha

    plz immediately clear me the both things
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    This du’aa that you mentioned is correct. For it any soil can be used.

  23. jazakALLAH I M Really happy sir that u r serving to humankind in a very marvellous way
    may ALLAH PAK bless u more than ur thinkings and expectations Aamen YA Rabbal Aalamin.

  24. Assalam alikum Mufti sahab

    My problem is that I dont get periods regularly.only when i take medicine i get otherwise i dont. I am very worried.plz help me
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If through medical means your problem is relieved then continue with medication. InshaALLAH it will be cured.

  25. assalamualikum.
    my problem is that am very thin.so i want to gain some weight.what shd i do.pls suggest any wazifah or dua for me.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Go and ask a dietrician. The qur’aan is for guidance, not weght increase.

  26. is it necessary to remove hair after periods or u can do it any time …n it is necessary to to take bath after removing hair…..one should cut nails after 40 days and if v keep filing our nails n keep them short no too long is it ok….
    It is makruh (indesireable0 to remove it during menses.

  27. Asalamalaikum,

    i have prob of marriage me and one boy are in love truly our both parents also accepted but he has elder brother and he is not getting any for him so our marriage was delaying and getting too tense because my parents are too fast and ready to make me marry as soon as possible,if from his side they do too late mean my parents ill make me marry with someone which i cant do and cant tolerate please help me and tell me dua for my situation and they also do marriage as soon as possible kindly plz help me……
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Make two rakaats of salaatul haajaat daily and thereafter ask from ALLAH directly to help you in your difficult predicament.

  28. Salam,

    Dear brothers and sisters please pray for my older brother. i love him dearly and he is facing a battle. he has had hair loss for years and its getting worse. his eyelashes are falling out. please pray for my brother i love him too much to see him hurt liek this plz pray for him. thankyou & may allah swt bless you :)

    jazak allah

    plz respond soon thankyou
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    May ALLAGH make things easy for him. Ameen.

  29. ASSALAMOALAIKUM Sir,…..sir i hv gud hair when i was 15 yrs old but when my age increase sir i get hairfall till now an i m 21 yr old now…..i do anything as posibble to stop my hairfall….sir plz plz plz say me QURAN AYAT which can i solve this problem…..for hairfall sir i little bit bald which my frend laughing on me…..sir plz help…..ALLAH HAFIZ
    Wa alaykumus alaam
    Do you expect mericles to happen for you due to your friends laughing at you? I think thew only solution is to hair a hair transplant.

  30. assalam…My prob is I was n relation with a girl for long 1 yr alhamdulillah everything was fine and I prayed istiqara also mashallah I got positive answer alhamdulillah everything was fine but sudden somebody other came in her life and shez crazy for him now and she says m sorry she duznt love me now…Any help regarding this am very much depress…



    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Sorry that which you rquest i cannot help you with.

  32. A.O.A sir im engaged but im not like that person i like some one else.plz sir help me.what can i do?
    Break off the engaagement!!!!

  33. Assalam-o-alykum,
    sir is there any dua to loose weight and remove unwanted hair from face?? plz suggest me i m getting married next month.
    The only wazeefah i know fo weight loss is dieting and eating correctly. As for hair , we will have to do what is physically necessary.

  34. Asassalam-alykum>
    thanks 4 the reply sir..i m doing dieting since long time and also excercise regularly,i m not overweight but my weight is little higher and i look bulky(especially on lower portion).my thyroid is 0.2 higher than a normal range.it would b vry gratful if u can suggest anything to low down my thyroid. i m sorry i didnt understand what is physically necessary? plz explain.

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    By phsically necessary we mean necessary medication and examination. It is sunnah to do ones ilaaj (cure). Therefore we should try it.first.

  35. as salamu alaykum ,,i want it tell u that i love my maternal doughter .but our relation are not good from last 5 or 6 years plz help me to make this relation good,,than i can again try to make agree my parents for our marriage,,many time i hv tried but they refuse me…plz help
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Please elaborate by what you mean by maternal daughter? I do not understand this.

  36. Assalam O Aleikum

    I am a revert to islam, have been married for 10 years, and have been graced by Allah with 2 children. My husband, who is generallay a nice person, has decided that he wants to now leave me since hes bored of this marriage as he has no inlaws and feels that he has been deprived of all the blessings of a marriage, and would like to marry someone else, and says that i will be cared for by my inlaws.

    This would not have been a problem, since it is permissable in islam to marry more than once, but since i have no contact with my previous family, im a little concerned and worried that i’ll be left completely on my own, and will be supressed by my inlaws if my husband leaves me.

    Please suggest some wazaif or sound advice to help me
    Wa Aleykumus Salaam
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The only sound advice that i give is that youshould remember that ALLAH will definitely provide for you and as he may get someone else, inshaALLAH you may also find another to lok to you needs and be a source of comfort and protection. Turn to ALMIGHTY ALLAH and seek his guidance and protection by making a lots of du’aa and seeking HIS help.

  37. Asalam Alaikum,

    My question to you is that are we allowed to wear Perfume or use deodorant when we read namaaz? If I wear perfume and then do wadu will the namaaz still be accepted?

    jazakallah khair

    Allah Hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The application iof perfume that emits a strong smell for women is forbidden in Islam. However if applied and thereafter salaah is read , the salaah will be valid.

  38. assalamalykum.
    sir, my periods will not get regularaly due to less blood in my body, so plz can u suggest me any dua dat i can cure it,
    if there no dua then plz suggest me anythg that i can full get my peroids regularaly.or plz suggest me any namaz ,so that i can pray to god and get my peroids egularly.
    plzz plz plz plz im realyy afraid so plz give me any posiible solution so that i ask god for my proper periods .
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    There is no magic wand that removes problems by recitibg a few wazaaif a few times. My personal advise is that whenever your period starts to take seven black seeds (kulunji), soak overnight in water and drink with water in the morning. Read surah faatihaa on itseven times and blow before drinking. InshaALLAH you will find relieffrom your sickness.

    1. Asslamulykum.
      sir im in love with some one.we both are intrested in each other,but on phone call we both have said that ” MEKU AAP SAE SHADI KHUBUL HAI” like this khubul hai 3times we both have said to eachother so is it our marriage is over.
      only we 2 both have said those words and our parents dont know can this marriage under our allah is acceptable ao not.
      in future we marrainge after recomeending parents.
      plz give me any ans for this
      wa alaykumus Salaam
      sorry such a nikah is not nikaah and not valid. Meeting, speaking and having contact all falls under the ruling of zina. So please abstain and try and do it the normal way by him proposing. Do not involve in haraam and expect ALLAH’S mercy.

  39. salaam,
    re: wazzifa for Hair loss/hair thinning and for a good rishta/marraige to happen

    I am reading “yaa allahu, yaa baariu, yaa kabiru” 313 times after ishaa namaaz, is this wazifa suitable for hair loss? if not, which should i read?
    Also i want to find a prospective marraige partner quickly (im aware the time is predetermined in our kismat) but want to pray to allah to help me, i am reading ya latifu 300 times after isha namaaz, is this ok?
    please help and guide me with your knowledge, shukriya
    allah hafiz
    Wa alaytkumus Salaam
    I am not aware of these wazaaif and i donot really condone them.

  40. my name nadia
    my mother name rehana
    my date of birth 10 september 1980
    from last 9 years i have no child.i want to do istekhara for this purpose pls help me

  41. Salam, I am a girl with a very short heigh and 17 years old. Is there a wazifa or a possible to increase my height just 1-2 inches??
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Not that i know of. Sorry.

  42. Asalaam Walikum,

    I want to now if there is any dua or anything that you can read which will make facical hair away lso I have been on a diet for ages now and excersise regulary but my weight still does not go down please could you suggest some way of which I can ask Allah tallah for that can help me lose weight?

    Whatever is necessary should be done. To remove facial hairs requires a facial waxing then it has to be done.Similarily to loose weight try and join a weighlees prograame. Remember to do treatment for such things is sunnah, therefore rathe do it and accept the situation.

  43. asak, i want to get rid of pimples plz tell me the dua to recite so that i could be completely on islamic treatment not any worldly things
    warmest regards
    Allah HAfizz
    Wa alaykums salaam
    Taking worldly treatment is also sunnah. When medication is there to treat something then we have to use it. This is sunnatullaah. Rasululaah salalaahu alayhi wasallam has used worldly medication as well. Therefore if available use it.

  44. Aslkm mufti sahab
    my hairs r too short and they are falling pls tell me any dua to control hair fall and strengthen my hair bcoz after a month my marriage is there…….. pls rply me soon.

    1. Wa alaykomos Salaam
      Youll need to increase vitamin intake and also change your shampoo you use.Use hair oil to stimulate growth. Issues of medical nature neds medical attention.

  45. assalaamalaikum..
    sir, I’ve problem of irregular periods, Im done with my check up..doctor answered me as im going through some infection in my system,if it doesn’t cure with medicines I’ve to be operated….Please help me out with some dua.
    allah hafiz, dua ki guzarish

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      If the issue is medical then a medical solution should be found. You may try hakimi medicine which provides a solution for such ailments

  46. I have been married for 3 years Bt now my hubby is least interested in me . He ignores me as much as he can . I’m pregnant with our first child and sometimes feel depressed because of this behaviour . Can you suggest sum dua to increase love btwn us

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و
      Read two rakaats of nafl salaah and ask ALLAH to increase your love for each other and also try and inculcate reading of hadith or some book before supper. Fadhaail a’maal is encouraged

      1. Aslkm i have been married for 2 years and my hubby wants my hair to be long. Can u please suggest some dua to decrease my hairfall and increase the length of my hairs

      2. Try and use hair oil regularly and also take vitamin b supplement. It will help with hair fall inshaALLAH.

  47. Assalam o alaikum

    Meri umer 18yr Hai.but meri height nhi brh rahi…medicines bhi use kr rahi hu but koi faida nai horaha …plz ap koi dua btaden js se meri height increase hojaye

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      Say see baritone baat yeh hen ke ALLAH see maangle. Khilqiyat ko koi tabdeel nahin karpate siwaa ALLAAH azza wa jal

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