Beautiful Du’a’

Taken from ‘The Accepted Whispers (munajat-e-maqbul)’ by Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi rahimahullah translated by Khalid baig (Open Mind Press)

Dua 160 transliteration followed by translation

160. Allahumma ‘adh-dhibil-kafarata wa alqi fi qulubihimur ru’ba wa khalif bayna kalimatihim wa anzil ‘alayhim rijzaka wa ‘adhabak(a). Allahumma ‘adh-dhibil-kafarata ahlal kitabi wal-mushrikinal-ladhina yajhaduna ayatik(a), wa yukadhibuna rusulak(a), wa yasudduna ‘an sabilik(a), wa yata’aduna hududak(a), wa yad’una ma’aka ilahan akhar(a). La ilaha illa anta tabarakta wa ta’alayta ‘amma yaquluz-zalimuna ‘uluwwan kabira(n).

Allahummagh-fir li wa lil-mu’minina wal-mu’minat(i), walmuslimina wal-muslimat(i), wa aslih-hum wa aslih dhata baynihim wa allif bayna qulubihim, waj-‘al fi qulubihimul-imana wal-hikma(ta), wa thabbit-hum ‘ala millati rasulik(a), wa awzi’hum an yashkuru ni’matakal-lati an’amta ‘alayhim wa an yufu bi’ahdikal-ladhi ‘ahadttahum ‘alayh(i), wan-surhum ‘ala ‘aduwwika wa ‘aduwwihim, ilahal-haqq.


160 O Allah, punish the infidels, strike awe in their hearts, create dissension in their ranks, and bring down Your chastisement and punishment upon them. O Allah, punish the infidels-be they from the people of the Book or from the polytheists- who reject Your Signs, refute your messengers(alayhum salam), create roadblocks to Your path, transgress the limits set by You, and call on other deities with you in worship. There is no god except You. Blessed are you and exalted way above what these unjust people say.

O Allah, forgive me and the believing men and women, and the muslim men and women. Set them aright and their mutual relationships, create mutual love in them, put faith and wisdom in their hearts, and make them firm on the religion of your Messenger (salalahu alayhi wa salam). Grant that they be grateful for Your blessings on them, and true to their pledge to You. Help them to victory over Your and their enemy, O True Lord.

 Notes: [‘Umar ibn al-khattab (radiallahu anhu). Al-Adhkar (Imam Nawawi rahimahullah) #131; Al-Hizb al-A’zam]’This is a rare example of a curse foudn in the vast collection of Islamic Supplications. This one was said by sayyidna ‘umar radiallahu anhu in the qunut of fajr. Imam nawawi rahimahullah writes in his al-adhkar: “Sayyidna Umar Radiallahu anhu mentioned the people of the book because at that time muslims were facing their armies.”

  Its basis is in a similar qunut from the Prophet salalahu alayhi wa salam, which was said after the massacre at the Bi’r of Ma’unah in 4 AH. A pagan trival chief from Najd visited the Prophet salalahu alayhi wa salam and requested him to send a group of Companions with him to his tribe as teachers. he offered his personal guarantee of protection for them, which was a time honored practice in the tribal society. A large number (forty according to one report and seventy according to another) of the Companions were sent with him. But when they reached bi’r Ma’unah, they were ambushed in a clear breach of the pledge of protection. All of them were massacred except one who came back to tell their story. This treachery and cold-blooded murder saddened the Prophet salalahu alayhi wa salam deeply. For a month after that he prayed against them in the Fajr salat. When a helpless people are persecuted, they can pray against their oppressors.

  However, it should also be noted that on numerous occasions Prophet Muhammad salalahu alayhi wa salam refused to invoke a curse against those who had hurt him personally. This includes his visit to Ta’if where he was not only insulted, but also injured by urchins pelting stones at him. When angels told him that those people could be punished for their gross transgression at his command, he refused to ask for it. See also du’a’ 112.

  It should be obvious from this that invoking Allah’s anger against enemies is an exception and not the rule in Islamic practice; it is limited to special and extenuating circumstances. This principle is clearly stated in the Qur’an: “Allah loves not the utterance of harsh speech save by one who has been wronged. Allah is ever hearer, knower” (An-Nisa’, 4:148).

End of Excerpt from Accepted Whispers


 I was reading this dua yesturday and supplicated with it. Some thoughts came to my head with this supplication. First and foremost I realize that many of us muslims around the world do not have that love and affection for one another as those of the early generations did. Our communities are weak and we even look down at our own oppressed brothers. I shall narrate a couple examples.

 We see with the invasion of Afghanistan by the bloodthirsty vampires of the west, many of the Afghanis are being slaughtered and forced to leave their land.  Of these afghanis many have gone into pakistan for safety and refuge. However, some of our brothers in Pakistan despise the afghanis because they are ‘polluting’ their country or that they will come and take the jobs.  I say SubhanAllaah (Glory be to Allah; Free is he from imperfections!) Imagine would our dear and beloved Prophet Muhammad salalahu alayhi wa salam, the Prophet of Mercy Salalahu alayhi wa salam despise the weak and oppressed who are seeking his refuge?! No, indeed he salalahu alayhi wa salam was open arms to the weak and the oppressed! What is wrong with us muslims that we dont have love for our brothers and sisters that are shell shocked?

 Another example is of our muslim brothers in Egypt. They close off their border so that Palestinian muslims cannot go into the land and also because of ‘smuggling weapons’.  How disgraceful this is. We dare to call ourselves muslims and we dont have the love to welcome our brothers with open arms.

  I remember seeing a Video interview of a Somali brother who was some leader of a group in Somalia that was fighting against the ethiopians who invaded the land of somalia.  There was a white brother amongst this group. It was interesting to see many darker skinned brothers and one single brother who had white skin.  Anyways, the leader of the group was replying to claims of the west that accused them of using terrorism etc. After this he mentioned that a muslim brother from any country around the world is welcome in somalia. He said basically they are a brotherhood because we all have one and the same belief and he was following exactly what the Qur’an and Sunnah explicitly describes the believers.  How beautiful may Allah reward him with good! 

 However look at us we close off the borders to muslims and we get upset at muslims that cross into our countries because we have lost our hearts and Islaam is no longer our life.

May Allaah aza wa jal bring islaam into all of our lives and make us have love and affection for one another for His Sake.

 Another thing I noted from this beautiful Dua is the second part consisted of prayer of forgiveness for himself (ie Umar radiallahu anhu asking forgiveness of himself) and then the asking for forgiveness of the muslims.  Further the dua calls on Allaah to make us firm upon Islaam etc.  From this I see that the only way for us to come up out of our misery is by purifying ourselves completely. This includes seeking abundant of istighfar, making abundant dhikr, making our salat, paying our zakat, and upholding all of the commands and abstaining from all of the prohibitions.  This is the only way we can lift ourselves from our sad state. Only Allah has power over all things, so to Him do we turn without an intermediary.


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