Al-ghazali speaks about those who Attribute a LIMB to Allaah

Imam Ghazali compares the person who imagines Allah’s “Hand” to be a limb of the body to an idol worshipper and states, “Whoever worships a body is a disbeliever according to the consensus of the community.” (Iljam al-awam an ilm al-kalam). Immediately preceding this comparison, Ghazali says:

This is the way of the Salaf, which is the truth according to us: anybody among the uneducated dealing with one of the sayings of the Attributes is obligated to do seven things:

Taqdis: Believe Allah free from corporeality and the like

Tasdiq: Believe that the Prophet salalahu alayhi wa salam was truthful in speaking these words, but in the manner in which he meant them

Itiraf bi al-ajz: Admit that their understanding is beyond his capability.

Sukut: remain silent and not ask questions about it, nor discuss it, knowing that it poses a danger to his faith, and that he may unwittingly commit disbelief by discussing it.

Imsak: leave interpretation, not replacing the words which have appeared in the texts with any grammatical derivatives, nor translating them into another language.

Kuff: Hold himself back from pondering these words.

Taslim li Ahlihi: defer all this to those who are qualified to deal with it.


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