The nikah contract


I’m living in the USA and I have been worried so much. What I have done in my past, I know its wrong but I’m asking Allah (swt) to forgive me and all the Muslims Inshallah. My story is I knew this girl from the high school. My family did ask her hand for me but her father was refusing. We use to talk and see each other for five years and nothing haram happened. But one day i had zena with her, and it kept happening for the next years. Didnt know what to do, her dad is still refusing and I didn’t like the situation. Because i pray and read Quran often and I knew what happened was wrong i always felt bad and lost. My family tried to ask her dad for her hand so many times, even the girl told her dad that she would like to get married to me, but still refusing. The girl left her house and came to me, didn’t know what to do.
I lied and told her dad that I did marry her. (Made it worst).So he accepted me when he heard that. So he asked from me to move and live with him. Didn’t know what to do but to accept it. Knowing I’m still not married to the girl was killing me. So went and got married none Islamic marriage. After some time i told her dad i need him to give us an Islamic marriage because it would be better without telling hime the truth. So he agreed and I was so happy to hear that. Now what happened is there were tow muslims witnesses, the Shiek,the girl dad, the girl and Me. what happened it was just signing the Islamic marriage paper.

Very sorry for this entire story.

Q1. Is my marriage with her now valid?

Q2. Me and her dad didn’t exchange any words but everything was on the paper that he signed, and the daughter, the shiek, the witnesses, and me? is ok doing the marriage like this?

Q3.I had zena with this girl and now we are married, IS IT OK?

Q4.Is there anything else i could do after me trying to fix what happened?

Jazakum Allah (swt) Khair
باسمه تعالى
1)One of the conditions for the validity of Nikaah is the presence of two matured Muslim men or one man and two women, who can listen to the Ijaab (proposal) and Qubool (acceptance) of the couple. This condition wasn’t met in the case referred to the question. Since there wasn’t verbal Ijaab and Qubool from the couple that could be heard by the witnesses. Therefore, the Nikaah is not valid.
2)To sign the Nikaah Naamah is not necessary, but the presence of two matured Muslim men or one man and two women, who can listen to the Ijaab and Qubool of the couple, is necessary for the validity of Nikaah in Islam. (Shami: 2/319). All those who were present at the time of Nikaah must make Taubah for helping you commit sin by performing the Nikaah against the teachings of Islaam.
3)Better you get married to her. Because you are the one who spoiled her Iffah- chastity.
4)Refrain from the sin, regret over what you had committed, make firm commitment for not committing the same in future and turn towards Allaah سبحانه وتعالى with sincere repentance. This is the only way to fix what had happened.
والله اعلم بالصواب


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  1. salam,
    ek ladki or ek ladke se bahut hi bada shyad sabse bada gunah ho gaya he un dono ne shaadi se pahele hi physical relation bana liya.par ab ladki ko bahut hi jyada pachtawa ho raha he k usna duniya ka sabse bada gunah kiya he kya khuda use kabhi maaf nahi karega ? usne uss din se lekar aj tak hajar baar khuda se maafi maang li par phir b use sukun nahi mil raha he use kya karna chahiye kya use mar jaana chahiye. maafi ka tarika btade plz………
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    toubah ke liye tien sharaait.
    1. ghunah se rokhna.
    2.azam ke ainda is ghunah kophir se nahin karunga.
    3.ghunah par nadaamat.
    Jab yeh tien sharaait paya jata he tu aapke toubah qubool hoga,

  2. salam.pls tell me papermarriage in uk
    right or wrong
    if any shik halal pls tell me
    my maslik hanifia
    i am living in uk as a student
    i wait you
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Maaf i dont know what you mean by paper marraige nd shik. Please clarify.

  3. sir maine sali ke sath illigal sex kara hai mujh se bohat bari ghalti hogay hai ab sali mere peechay pargay hai k mai os sey nikah karloon mai apni biwi koo nahi choona chata hoon kiya mai biwi k hotay way apni sali se nikah karsakta hoon? plz sir mai bohat pareshan hoon plz haaal bata dain ?

  4. aslam o alikam
    mera swal haq mehr sy mutaliq hai .mera haq mehr 11 tolay sona mojal aur 4 lakh cash ghair mojal muqarer hua tha lakin meray husband aur saas nay before nikah sirf 4 lakh muqarer karnay ka kha tha ab meray husband kehtay hain kay tumharya father nay zayda likhwa dya hai aur khafa huye is baaat per mjy mojal aur ghair mojal kay baray mai batain kia yeh zaydtee huee hai jb kay mera jahaiz be mukamal hai aur garee be hai jahaiz mai tu kia itna haq mehr likhwana na jaiz hai jb ky gold tu wasy be mjy diya gia hai?
    plz reply me as soon as

    1. Wa alaykomos salaam
      Mehr man khawand ke muttafiqa rizamandi se muqarrar hota he. Is men kiya donon party raajioon the ya nahin?

  5. Salam ! Mera sawal ye hai k agr nikkah me 3 bar qabool hai na puchen or sirf ek bar puchen to kya ye nikkah hogya ya nahi hua ?

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      Tien bear pucchna zaroori nahin . Han 2 gawaaon ka hona zaroori aur ijaab wa qabool bhi shart

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