s it permissible for me to perform istikhaaraa?

asalaam.i am 18 years old and currently studying. i have known a caertain boy for many years now and he wishes to marry me.i am the youngest child and my dad has passed on many years ago. i now live with my mother. my mother too knows this boy and she dislikes him and his family.his mother was not a musim but converted before she got married.she was very outspoken and considered to be ‘wild’.however in the last few years shae has changed and alhamdulila allah has guided her. she now performs 5 times nammaz and is a constant reader of the quraan. her son, who wishes to marry me too performs his 5 namaazes, sits in itikaaf, goes for jamaat and is firm in his faith. my mother still however refuses him and has threatened to disown me if i do decide to marry him. my uncles all aree that he is a good boy and is suitable however they are unable to change my mothers mind as she holds a grudge against his mother.i would like to know what is it that i should do as i would really like to marry him.is it permissible for me to perform istikhaaraa namaaz and how would i know what the right decision is?please answer urgently.many thanx
باسمه تعالى
حامدا ومصليا
It is Sunnah to perform Istikhaarah Salaah for every permissible matter. Therefore, perform Istikhaarah and try to convince your mother towards the direction your heart inclines after perform the Salaah of Istikhaarah. Since parents always think for the betterment of their children. As far as the ruling is concerned, you are permitted to marry without the permission of your mother particularly when all other family members agree to your decision.
والله اعلم بالصواب


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