Issue of Three talaaqs


Sir! Daughter to my maternal uncle was married to man almost 3 years back. 6 months on 17th March 2007 ago both husband and wife had a fight on some issue and the husband said two talaqs to his wife in front of his neighbour. After that they were ok on the second day and started living togheter as fullfiling all the Sharai terms. The girl never told her parents that this has been happened to her as few people told her that if they are back togheter they need not to have any religious undertaking on that.
Now last week they had a fight again and the husband called upon the brother and father of his wife to take her back home as he has beaten her wildly. As the brother of the girl and his friend arrives at there home that husband tells the brother of the girl that he has given Talaq to her sister as she wished and asked him to take her home. These words were heared by both the brother and his friend and they have given there written statment on that. The husband of the girl now admitts the last two Talaqs and does not admitt the third one and the brother of the girl and his friend says that he did said so. In this matter we need your guidence at your earliest.
Here one more point has been raised that the Grandfather of the husband was Shia and the grand mother was Suni, than the Father acclaimed himself as Suni and the Mother was Shia, now what Should we call this boy ( husband ) whether Shia or Suni. As we have seen him offering prayers in Suni Mosque. Is this Nikkah is Ligimate.
We hope to have your answer very soon. Here we will like you to note that both the witnesses of Talaq are Baligh by Sharia.
باسمه تعالى
وعليكم السلام
حامدا ومصليا
If the husband denies the last and final Talaaq but the wife heard it herself or she was informed about it by reliable and Shar’ee witnesses and she believes that she has been given the final Talaaq, then she is not allowed to live with that man in any cost. She may get rid of that person by returning the Mehr or offering him some money to get rid of him particularly in the case referred to the above-mentioned question.

It should be carried in mind that there is no heritage in religious affairs. If someone follows the Sunni path then he is a Sunni and if one follows the other path then he will be regarded the same.
والله اعلم بالصواب


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  1. Sir, I would like to ask your comments regarding talaq issue. My friend went to Dubai to attend a seminar accompanying with his wife and 6 month old baby, they stayed in hotel. On invitation from his wife’s maternal uncle they visited to uncle’s residence in Dubai they stayed for two days. My friend is having strained relations with mother-in-law for this reason he put some restrictions to his wife to have frequent telephonic conversation with her mother and he didn’t allow his wife to visit pakistan last 2 years. Suddenly my friend informed by his wife that her mother is arriving Dubai, uncle went airport to receive her. My friend get angry and told his wife that in any circumstance you won’t be allowed to see your mother, “you have to come with me right now, otherwise it would be three talaq collectively from my side.” He uttered these words my friend’s wife could not fulfill the condition put by him. In this situation can it will be considered a complete talaq or they can reconcile and re-unite once again without any sharaee compulsion. Please answer me in this regard
    Assalaamu alaykum
    I need some clarification before any verdict could be given.
    When “he” uttered these words where were they and did the wife refuse to leave with him or did she go and returned later.
    I would appreciate it if the dcenerio is explained witha a bit more detail

  2. jab mian bivi main jagra hota hai to shohar apni bivi k samne jhoot bolty hue phone pe apni saas se kahta hai main is ko talaq dai chuka hoon ab ye meray liye haram hai or aap akay isay le jaiee to kia talaq
    Talaaq hojaate hai unke kehne par. Jab kehta he ke men talaaq de chuks hoon tu talaaq hojate he.

  3. Assalmo-aluykum,
    I wanted to ask, if a husband says talaq to his wife three times all at once when she is in the state of nifas in anger-which is such that he does not realise what he is saying or doing and did not intend to give the talaq, he was forced to, then does the talaq count? We are very confused, we have a beautiful daughter whos only one month old and he really regrets it.

    Please let me know.

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The utterance of Talaaq in the state of nifaas is makruh but falls. Therefore a person should be careful that he is not overtaken by anger which causes him to loose control. I do not understand why there is a necessity to utter three . Talaaq is like a gun in the hand of an irresponsible person. Once he fires the shot, no matter what the reason , the harm does take place. May ALLAH make it easy for you. Ameen

    1. i want to know that if i ask three words of talaq when i was fight with brother inlaw.that time i was too anger and my wife was not present that place.i already use three words same time of talaq so talaq take place.i donnot want to give devorce to my wife.what i should do?
      please give correct wordings and explain whole condition of argument. Thereafter a proper decision can be given.

      1. as salam alaykum,
        one day i was plan to see movee,which was demand by my children,film was horror and my kids like to much then i also ask to wach movie with my family as well as mybrother inlaw family,so we plan to go togather at same time,my wife was also stay at my brother inlaw hose then i was back to take dinner at proper time that time my brother inlaw already took dinner so i angree with my mother inlaw and ask them i donot want take dinner alone and cancel the programme to go see movie then my brother inlaw angree on me and ask to me i will hit you you can go from here then i was come in very dager position and start to saydanger word that time my wife was upstair room and can not know anything whene brother in law also start with bad word then i ask him i will give talaq to her talaq,talaq talaq with same time but allah know me very well i want to try only say one talaq so wife brother know what is his situation,so my intention is not give devorce to my wife but in anger mood i was do that and my brrother and familly also know that if i will anger than i brock anything even it is valluable in past with my familly dispute i was brock to many thing.let me know talaq take place because i was not fight with my wife,and my intention only give one talaq to my wife.

  4. Assalmo-aluykum,
    Janab mufti sahab , meri wife sa mera jhagra tab sai hota a raha jab sa humari shadi hoe, aik beta b hai 5 saal ka,
    Lerai ke waja hamesha pesa raha , or black magic jis ke mai na kae jagaho sa tasdeeq kerwae hai jo ka muj per kea gea kai mera gher kharab ho jae ,
    mai jab bhe tor kerwaya kuch ersa to sab theek rehta per phir woe leraie jhagra shoro ho jataa.
    merai mun sa 1.1/2 saal pehlai talaq ka lafza istamal hoa apni wife ka leai, or doseri baar 20din pehlai, jab ka ye ilfaz mai hosh mai kabhi soch b nae sakta k mai apni wife ko talaq donga ,kyun k hamari passand ke shadi hai ,
    meri jab b lerai hoe wife sa to mujai samaj nae ata tha k main ya wo hum kyun ler rahain hain.
    jab aik amil sa pocha to os na bataya kai kala ilam ka war hai, jis ke waja sa ap jo kertai wo ap k control mai nae hota. yani merai control mai nae hota .kalai ilam ke waja sa humdono k bhech jhagra hota or jab mai koi b ilfaz istamal kerta to wo khud bakuhd galat rang ikhteyar ker letai, jab lerai khatam hojati to samaj nae ata k mai ne ye kyun kaha or kab,mera khud per control nae rehta,
    meri wife per bhi kalai ilam ka aser hai per wo in chezo ko nae manti,
    mai na apni wife ko kae baar kaha k merai per kala ilam hai ager merai mun sa kuch ulta sedha niklai to osai serious maat lena ,
    os na kaha theek hai,
    lakin 20din pehlai ke lerai mai merai mun sa 2time talaq istamal hoa apni wife k leai, jisko os nai 3 ka derja dai dea or apnai gher chali gae or mujai fatwah jari kerwaya deya k tum na mujai kae baar talaq de hai,
    jis per oskai walid a ker sara saman utha ker lai gae, fatwah likhawatai waqat mera beyan nae lea gea na btaya gea,
    ap mujai batien iska haal kea hai ,
    mai os idarai gea jahan sa fatwa jari kea gea unko sari kafiat btae to unho ne mujai kaha k wife ko lao,jab k wife ki teraf sa unkai sirf walid wahan gae thai or fatwah likhwa ker lae thai jis mai 16 baar talaq ka ziker keya gea hai.
    jab k mujai yaad hai aik baar 1.1/2 pehlai or aik baar 20 din pehlai bolai thai ye ilfaz wo b aik , aik bar.
    sir ager kalai jadu ke zeryai ap k demagh ko kabo kr k kuch b bulwaya jae kea ye possible hai.
    agr kalai ilam ka zor per muj sa talaq kerwae ja rae to kea ye sae hai,iski waja sa ager talaq ho to kea wo talaq hogi,
    kea agr wife ko 2 baar talaq di ho or wo jan boj ker ya dabao mai a ker ya kalai ilam ki zud mai kahen ke mera khawind mujai 3 baar talaq dai chuka hai to kea wo sae hai…?
    ap kai jawab ka muntazir hoon.
    mera name Ammar hai walda ka name humaira
    wife ka name zoya hai or walda ka name uzma.
    ap check ker lai k ilam ka war hai ya nae.
    please help me out ager mera gher totnai sa bacha lai to ehsan hoga.

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      Jan app ke khud kehne see doosre bar do martabha talaaq ka lafz istimaal kardiya giya. Har baar lafz talaaq kehne aik talaaq ke hukm men he. Aap hi ke kehne ke mutaabiq teen talaaq Ho chuke he. Ab raha irada se ya ghair irada se donon surat men talaaq parta hai.

  5. Assalmo-aluykum,
    Sir doseri baar bhi aik bar e talaaq ka lafz istaimal hoa tha, do baar nae,
    mai nai apni wife ko bataya tha k muj per kalai ilam ka zoor hai jis ke waja sa mujai oksaya ja raha hai ye sab kernai pe tu tum meri kisi baat ko serious na lena ager mai gusai mai hoon.
    wife na is cheez ko kabool kea tha ka theek hai,
    mujai ye jananah hai kai aik insan apnai cntrol mai e nae hai osko maloom e nae k wo kea ker raha hai to kea phir b talaq ho jati.
    merai per kala ilam ka zoor ke waja sa ye kam kerwaya ja raha .1.1/2 aik bar talaq ka lafez istamal hoa , or 20 din pehlai doseri baar. wo bhi kalai ilam ka zoor per to kea phir b talaq hojati…?
    mujai batien ye kis ayat mubarka mai likha hai k ap per ilam ka zor hai or jabrun kalai jadu ka zoor per talaaq kerwae ja rahi to ho jati, explain kerain mujai apni wife ko be bhejna hai kyun ka ,jabrun koi bhe kam kea ya kerwaya jae islam oski ijazat nae deta. to phir kalai ilam ka zoor sa kerwanai wali talaaq kesai talaaq hogi…?
    please explain kerain…shukria..

    1. Was alaykomos salaam
      Ghussa hons talaaq men uzr nah in. Talaaq ghusse ki haalat men bhi parte hai. Ager jadoo ka zor hota tu tien talaaq aikhi baar kiyun nahin dia. App ke kehne ke mutaabiq do talaaq how a appko ruju karne ka haq hai.

      1. Sir mujai sirf Itna clear ker dain kea zaberdasti talaq lena jaezz hai, or kea kalai jadu ka zor per yani jabrun talaq perti hai ya nae , quran pak or islam ke roh sa kea jawab hai just wo bataien…..?
        Ager ap ne apnai life patner sa ye be kaha ho ka ager merai mun sa jadu bandish mai kuch talaq ka lafaz ya gali galoch niklai tu isko serious mat lenaa…! phir kea talaq perti hai khuwa wo aik bar ho ya do baar…?

      2. Aap bataaiye ke jaadoo banish ka kiya suburb he? Yaad rakhiye Huzure Aqdas Salallaaho alayhi wasallam K farman
        ثلاث جدعان حد و عزله جد الطلاق و العراق. ..
        Teen cheezen aisi he ke khwaan irada ya ghair iradaya se laazim parto he . Talaaq aik he teen see

    1. Sawaal aapse yehi he ke ghusse ki haalat kisko hosh rahta? Ghusse se baaz a ana. Haan ager aapko haqeeqatan kucch yaad a nahin jo guzra tu aapke kehna he ke app ne kucch hi nah in bola

  6. I lied to my husband a lot. During the time we were getting tro know each other he lives in drbn I live in pta telephoniclly we use to spk. Never meant to lie I was going through a lot of emtional truma. We only married. Three mnths someone called him tld him I lied to him he then was very angry doesn’t want to understand why I lied nothin I say he doesn’t believe anythin I say so he tld me he can’t be with me anymore he givin me a talaaq I love him and I’m sry tht I lied he won’t understand and hates me know. I was married before and divorced I didn’t tell him cos I was scared of his reaction but when he found out I spoke the truth and explained why I never opened up and tld him. I was ashamed I know I broke his trust but I cry and beg allah for maaf as I did lie a lot but I also know tht I didn’t mean to hurt him know he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me he wants to talaaq me can he do thid is it Permissable as I dnt want to leave him but its ckear he doesn’t want me anymore and has moved on with his life tld me to do the same I’m so sry I hurt him I’m sry I begged allah for maaf and begged him for another chance he doesn’t call me oe text me I cry a lot as it is my fault but I also love him and can’t loose him. Know jhe brings out all tht I lied about and also about my son from my previous marriage wht do I do except the talaaq and move on I m finding it very hard since he left me and said not to call him or bother him anymore pls tell me wht to do I can’t handel this anymore. Jzk slm

    1. Wa alaykomos salaam
      Once talaaq is issued it falls. Therefore you are divorced. If he wishes after iddat to remarry it is permitted. If not you are free to marry anyone who you wish.

  7. AOA,
    Mujai ye pochna hai meri wife ki teraf sa mujai fatwah jari kerwaya gea jis mai unkai walid or bhae ja ker fatwa likhwa ker lae thai, or osmai 16 baar talaq ka ziker kea gea hai, or mujai mufti sahab nai aik baar b nae pocha ka ap nai talaaq de b hai ya nae, or jab mai mun mufti sahab sa mila to wo kehnai lagai k lerki sa baat kerwao or jab mai nai pocha jab ap ne ye fatwah jari kea tha to kea lerki mjod thi unka kehna tha k nae,kea lerki sa baat hoe thi fon per unka kehna tha k nae, to phir wo kesai fatwa jari ker saktai hai,or jab mai na bataya k mai nai jo ilfaz bolai thai jo k mujai yaad agea or merai fon mai b recorded hai jab humari last fight hoe this k mai tumhai talaq de deta hon Allah ko hazir jan ker Talaq de deta hon,yani talaq di nae pocha tha.
    Sir ab ap mujai btaien k mufti sahab na mera bayan lea nae tha or fatwa kesai jari ker saktai wo bgair muj sa pochai k haqeqat kea,jab mai unkai pas gea fatwaih ki termeem kerwanai to kehnai lagai khamosh ho jao. sir ye kesa insaf hai k muj sa pocha nae or fatwah bgair merai bayan k jari ker dia, jab mai na thora zoor dia k kyun khamosh raho aik baat jab ki nae mai na to kesai maan loon, banda sobha kam per jae or raat ko gher ay us doran wife apnai parents ko keh dai k Talaq hogae mujai to kea talaq ho jati ,Mai hulfan muaqif bayan kernai ko kaha ,un mufti sahab nai ye bola k lerki ko laoo.agai ap koi haal btaien kyun k ager ap lerki sa baat kerna chahtai to mai apko number dai sakta shayad ap osai smjha pae. ap os sai pochaingai to wo b yehe kahaige ka merai khawand na ye bola k talaq de deta hon. ab isko wo talaq samaj bethai or unkai parents to pehlai moqai ke talash mai thai. ap samaj nae ata k kea keroo,ager ap kuch help ker saktai to please guzarish hai.

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      AP ka Yeh alfa istomaal karna ” men tumhen talaaq De deta hoon” signal talaaq aur kiya matkab hosakta he.?

  8. Aslamoalaikum mufti sahab mene 3 bar apna sawal post Kia he me bohat pareshan hun baraye meharbani meri rehnnumai farmayen
    Merra nikah mery ghar wallon ki marzi se or ghar wallon ki mojudgi me Hua tha or mery husband ki janib se unky 2 dosst gawah thy
    Mery ghar Wally nai jaanty thy k mery husband k ghar Wally raazi nai hen or ye baat mery ghar waalon ko mery nikah k taqreeban 15 mahinon k baad maloom Hui jab k mery miyan k ghar walyy rukhsti k liyee raazi nai huye
    To merry ghar waalon ne phir mery miyan ko baat krny k bahany se bulaya or teeno talaq per jabran ye keh ker sign krwaye k agar unho ne sign na kiyee to merry ghar Walyy unki abaadi or alaaqy me beizti krwayen ge
    Mery husband ne sign to kiyee par galat kiyee thy
    Wo mujy chorna nai chahty thy or na me alag hona chahti Thi phir unho ne mery husband se angothy b lagwa lye or usky agly hi din mery husband ne mery saamny aa ker Quraan Pak PE dono hath rakhy or kaha k khuda ki qasam mene tumhe nai chora or na kabi choron GA jab miyan bivi razi nai thy to
    Mufti sahab mujy btayen k phir talaq waqeya Hui ya nai hui
    Or agar Hui b to dobara nikah ho skta he???

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      Me her baraai app tafseelan battade ke kiya likhahua that kaaghaz par jis par unhon ne sign kiya. Aap kehrahi thi unhon ne ghalat sign kiya tu woh kaise? Meherbaani zarathustra baat saaf karde phir jawab desakta hoon.

  9. Aslamoalaikum mufti sahab apky jawab ka bout shidat se intzaar ker rai hun baraye meharbaani rehnumayi fermayen
    Apka ehsaan hogaa please mufti sahab me bout pareshani me hun

  10. Mufti sahab merra rishta or jaga tey bi ker dia gya he meri rehnumayi farma den me bout pareshan hun me apka ehsaan tamam umar yaad rakhon GI plz us kagaz PE likhi tafseel parh ke meri rehnumayi farma den please mufti sahab..

  11. Aslamoalaikum mufti sahab us kagaz PE likha Hua tha””jis din se nikah Hua he us din se dono khandaano me jhagrra chal raha he..larki apny miyan se khush nahi or larki khud b talaq maang rahi he lehaza ab is silsily ka khatam ho Jana behtar he””
    Mufti sahab mery husband NE sirf sign kiye thy Wo b pressure mein AA ke.. .or mery husband jaanty thy ke ye baat galat he k mein talaq maang rahi hun is liye mery husband NE zid se ye baat us paper PE likhwayi Thi.. Wo talaq k papers mene nahi dekkhy aaj tak..wo mery mamu k pas hen..

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      Jan talaaq dene ka tazkirah nahin tu talaaq nahin hoga. Shop ne ne talaaq zubaani diya na tahreeri. Talaaq nahin huwa.

  12. Assalamu akaikum !!…am a housewife of 22yrs..its veen three years am married ..unfortunatly it was love marriage..for which my husbnd had promisd me befor marriage that he wil change for me in aftr marriage he did not keep up the minimum qualification of being a muslim..he dusnt do his obligatory salahs..nor fasts in ramadan..not evn even jummah prayer..while aftr marrige we startd bissness with my fathers money vry bg amount he borrowed from my father..and the bisnss brok..soo mch high debt due to various factors..the worst fact is dat he drinks and does gambling but nev admits it..til few months befor he ws ok but now since4minths wevdint poses any husbnd wife relationship..nor he shares anythng with me..when i ask him he says am goin mad coz of my problems and debts…on top none of his family membrs or parents rnt supportiv espcly nobdy wil help financialy..and my own parents hav don thier max. Limit..and my father got heartattack due to various tensions in my life and shocks caused in my life..nor he allws me to study further or go fr a job..we don hav kids yet..not hes intrstd in kids now..because he cant thnk o it in dis problems and debts…soo mch tension am bearing..i cant go bak to my parents as it ws luv marriage and i hav to pay a lot of money to my dad…respectd mufthi..plzz tel me a way…wat hud i do..wat dicisions shud i take..i pray all tyms begging allah…evn sumtyms praying thahajjud…and my frnds who knws my problem r all suggesting me to divorc him…plz gv me a solution…

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و
      Try and read 2 raka’at of salaatul hajaat and ask ALLAH to guide your husband. Read alot of Istighfaar because it draws the mercy of ALLAH. Encourage your husband to do the same. ALLAH will change conditions.

  13. Aslamwalekum… i m mahek aur meri shadi ko 5 months howay phir mera aur mre husband ka jaghra hogya aur me apne meke agai thi usne mjh divorced papers par 3 signatures kar k with 3 gava k signatures k sath papers mere ghr par bhejdiye… Aur wo papers mene thek se dekhay bhi nhi bas mjhe mre ghr walon ne parh k bataya k ye 3 bar sign kar k papers bheje hain sab ne kaha k 3 bar signature karne se divorced hogai kyn k 3 gavahon ki bhi signatures hain,,, phr 3 months tak raabta nhi kia hum ne aur ab to 3 saal hogaye hayn kindly batayen meri Divorced hogai thi ya nhi ???

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