Had it not been for the beautiful Dîn of Islâm, brought to us by none other than Rasulullah SAW where would we have been? Did we ever ponder what our actions and beliefs would have been? What our names and lifestyles would have been? How would we have commenced and ended our day?

Could it be that we would have been nurtured in an environment of sin and disbelief, of depravity and sleaze. Would we be, adhering to a religion of falsehood worshipping deities other than Allâh? Would we have been immersed in a lifestyle of materialism? Would we have been unfortunate to go to bed in a style of intoxication and wake up with a hangover?

Would we…. Would we….

Alhamdulillah, that we are born into homes of Islâm and Imân. Homes illuminated with the teachings of Rasulullah SAW. Lifestyles upon the pattern of the Noble Sunnah. Actions in conformity to the commands of the Creator. A blessed and truly prosperous life. A life with blissful and joyous consequences. A path which culminates in a blessed death and eternal pleasure.

Be that as it may, Shaytân however cannot sit by idly and allow us this goodness and wholesome life. No! He plans and endeavours with his agents to rob every Muslim of his spirituality. He whispers evil and lures the Believers into his deceitful trap of sinful worldly pleasure. He invites the Believer most alluringly, away from all his hard-earned goodness, and well-charted path of joy, towards sin, depravity, sleaze and intoxication. A Believer must be alert! He must jealously guard his Imân and Deeds from the evil clutches of Shaytân who deceives him with false joy and pleasure. A Believer must step cautiously and seek protection with Allâh from Shaytân’s trap. A believer must question himself. “Do I, as a reciter of the Kalimah, a follower of Dîn-e-Muhammadi, need Shaytân to guide me? Do I need to attend such places where Shaytân robs me of my hard-earned spirituality? Do I belong to ALL-NIGHT RAVE, where nothing but evil in the form of music, dancing, drugs, intoxicarits, and zina exist. Is that the path which my Beloved NABI SAW would have liked for me? When I have been saved from all this filth by Rasulullah SAW, do I still ignore him and throw myself into ruin and destruction ??? Do I?

No! A Muslim, a follower of Rasulullâh [SAW) will shun all such places of vice by disregarding Shaytân and pleasing Rahmân!!!






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